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is j.l. a wor
It's because I'm not okay he's not my boyfriend its my friend that I mess with that he doesn't think that she is that great of an actress so I'm just wondering what you people think?

which one is worse like nowadays?
Uh I think it speaks for itself but basically I was just wondering what people thought about public restrooms nowadays

Which celeb has messed up their life more?
Justin Bieber got arrested for drunk driving and smoking illegal drugs, and Miley Cyrus, well, just look at her.

which picture of jayy von monore is hotter
which do u think is hotter my pick is the pic on the right im a sucker for light blue eyes

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Who would you choose?
Who would you choose, Gale Hawthorne or Peeta Mellark?

who is hotter
i think jayy von Moore is more hotter than dahvie vanity

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