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Which is better: Minecraft or ROBLOX?
ROBLOX has more imagination than Minecraft and much more powerful weapons, like Firebrand, and Minecraft has more players but 10 HP and ROBLOX Players have 100 HP.

All Weather Heating and Cooling Inc
Founded in 2003, All Weather Heating & Cooling is a small but efficient company that prides itself on a track record of excellent service. We specialize in offering a wide variety of services and solutions for all your heating and cooling needs, including HVAC maintenance and heating & air conditioning repair.

Which is cooler, foxes or wolves?
Of course we all know Ylvis' cool song, What Does the Fox Say. Wolves are also cool in their own way too. Somehow they have that spirit that makes them mysterious. Foxes are beautiful and are known for their sly personality. Personally I think foxes are cooler because they are like me! Night creatures... love em...

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