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Who is a Better youtube host
It was hard for me to chose but I went with my favorite.

What is business
Gilford Securities is a full-service boutique investment firm providing an array of financial services to institutional and retail clients, which was founded in 1979 by Ralph Worthington and several other senior officers of Blyth Eastman Dillon.

Give for a bit more or take for a bit less?
Which sales pitch works better? A)You can have 5 apples for $15 or for just $5 more you can double it. Give for a bit more B)For $20 you can have 10 apples, or if you want to save $5 you can have half as many. Take for a bit less Apples may be substituted for nearly any product.

Who really won?
The Voice, Season 2 battle rounds.

Cherri Bomb of Hollywood Undead
e44544344354344545 Cherri Bomb of Hollywood Undead

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