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Debate It! 9

hhhhhhhh, SOOOOOOOOOO cute

Posted By totobieber,

1st one= ADORABLE!!

Posted By idolfan11,

cupcaake :D

Posted By hii,

maybe i just have a dirty mind but the icing in the mouth looks kinda awkward!... :P love you bieber xx

Posted By RubiiRose,

the 1 st one look so so so so so so cute and funyyy hhhhh the 1st one make me laugh hhhh!
luv u justin more then any girl in the world!!

Posted By princess tuta,

the 2nd one is better

Posted By rea45,

he is sooo cute with the seond one

Posted By bhoszjoana,

lol. love the zombie one.

Posted By Karefree,

photoshopped on the real photo he's eating dick not cupcakes

Posted By bieberisgayasaids,

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