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Debate It! 14

oh no my eyes @_@

Posted By tzxsean,

i don't know how to decide... he's so damn hot *__*

Posted By angi,

Wow jb is hot

Posted By Wulanbieber,

idk but WWWWWOOOOWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! d(^_^)b

Posted By sk8rz1999,

idkkk, lol

Posted By extraterrestrialdreams,


Posted By meg_belieber ,

I Love Justin

Posted By Justin123,

looking fitter than ever so hot

Posted By icandoitlikeadude2,

HOTTNESS! :) i love him

Posted By ILY.JUSTIN.xo,

dunno but WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!! hes god damn sexy !!!

Posted By keels,

Awwwwww oO

Posted By Adrianana,

Frigginnnggg hellll1

Posted By sblieber,

i dont know which one to pick! his hair is sexy in the first one but in the second one his smile is ADORABLE!I i'll go with adorable :)

Posted By kaywabiebs,

how do i decide they're both shirtless <3 ;)

Posted By Jessiieee,

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