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Luv@FirstTweet is a new free online dating service for your Twitter account that is fun, quick, and easy to use. The beauty of Luv@FirstTweet is that you can build your profile anywhere you are. Tweet responses to our profile-building questions while on line at the grocery store, waiting for a cab -- heck, do it if you are bored in a meeting. When you follow @LuvAtFirstTweet, one question a day will show up in your Twitter feed. We will use your responses to match you with someone we think you'll like. The more you answer, the better the match.

Twitter: @luvatfirsttweet
Location: New York, NY


eEvent is event management platform designed to maximize the attendance by combining game mechanics, social media and geo location to reward the true influencer of the event with something that money can't buy

Twitter: @eEvent
Location: Columbus, OH

Debate It! 36

Luv@firsttweet sounds pretty good, I'm just scared shitless of the dating pool on twitter

Posted By Meshugineh,

eEvent! eEvent! eEvent!

Posted By alphaone,

It's only a matter of time before Twitter locks down the "date on Twitter" market. Bad Twitter. Go eEvent!

Posted By alphaone,

Luv@FirstTweet is an interesting idea. Worth giving it a shot. Is it totally free?

Posted By dncbot,

hhmmm...... eEvent will show you how great they are hohoho... xD

Posted By alwyn84,

Luv@FirstTweet is free indeed and it is pretty awesome. Part of the problem with these dating websites is that it takes too long. Luv@FirstTweet is efficient and really useful.

Posted By Mehran Ahmed,

Let's go Luv@FirstTweet!!

Posted By jon_laft,

Love@First Tweet!

Posted By Joe123,

Both seem pretty good but Twitter me lov !

Posted By marinoafed,

Love@First Tweet!!!!!!

Posted By psa526,

Agreed both seem pretty cool

Posted By azafnemak,

Luv@firsttweet is really good, if you like twitter you will love this site!

Posted By NJF1,

Luv@First Tweet is an awesome idea, not to mention it's quick and free

Posted By myster26,

1 vote from 2 ppl . take what u can get Lov

Posted By seanandyoni,

Thanks for all of the votes so far guys!! Please keep them coming. We're the first Twitter dating site to build your profile on the go and keep it dynamic and fresh. We make online dating fun, quick and simple. All you need to do is follow @luvatfirsttweet, tweet responses to our daily match questions, and then we match you with similar people.

Please share with your friends and tell them to vote for us!! Thanks a ton!

Jon and Ari, co-founders Luv@FirstTweet

Posted By Team_LuvAtFirstTweet,

Yis, i like this.

Posted By wyatthenderson,

my friend snet me a link of this... not sure which to vote for

Posted By friendofafriend,

eEvent is free for free events!

Posted By alphaone,

luv@firsttweet rocks! Guys it's a great idea

Posted By charlie4,

I don't know, PDA has never been tops on most peoples list. eEvent is a proven success.

Posted By alphaone,

go Luv@FirstTweet you guys rock!! everyone should vote for them

Posted By mrsyoff,

Everyone that has benefited from free event management by eEvent should vote for them! Should that happen, this would be a landslide.

Posted By alphaone,

Am loving the services from luv@firsttweet. Just started using 'em and already excited at the prospects. Keep it up.

Posted By danjay72,

eEvent.... go2

Posted By asutarko,

I met my girlfriend on luv@firsttweet

Posted By doctad,

vote for eEvent " Best Use of Technology " ........ :D :D

Posted By anita_sesar_ria,

Go go

Posted By gochengz,

Go Luv@FirstTweet!

Posted By jonnyboy,

Gotcha' Luv@FirstTweet! : ) You've been Cheek'd!

Posted By loricheeknyc,

Luv@FirstTeet is the best dating service I've ever tried! So easy, convenient and FREE!

Posted By pumkinpiee,

Luv@FirstTweet sounds like a really original idea :) eEvent should revise its description-it might be a cool idea, but the description is unclear and confusing...

Posted By jumpingjax,

Luv@FirstTweet is the best thing that ever happened to my love life!

Posted By sooki,

eEvent -- Clear and proven business; Luv@ -- no business model and primarily a tween audience with no money

Posted By alphaone,

eEvent ROCKS!

Posted By ArveyColumbus,

go eEvent go!

Posted By olentz,

Eevent - quick, easy, and free to organize events. Thank you.

Posted By mon2rei,

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