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These songs are a tribute, but not exactly in the Tenacious D sort of way. Jay-Z and Alicia Keys create an homage to New York City, while Train gives tribute to a one of a kind girl in “Hey, Soul Sister.” Which resonates more strongly with you, a song hailing the city that never sleeps or one that highlights that special someone?

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these videos are fun to play at the same time

Posted By AnubisibunA,

Empire State of Mind. There's simply no contest

Posted By jogden,

@jogden Empire State of Mind is a #2 seed, so it should dominate. ;)

Posted By Rebecca,

Empire State of Mind is one of the few songs I've actually liked so far. The rest of the winning decisions have been based on which song makes me feel the least nauseated. (Must be getting old.)

Posted By stephwoods,

@steph totally agree with you on that. on a side note, I would have to shoot myself multiple times if I voted for Train.

Posted By lockheed40,

@Steph Same here. When I was putting this tourney together, I felt so out of touch with today's popular music. #getoffmylawn

Posted By Rebecca,

let's derail the train!

Posted By kylemacmac,

ahaahaaaaa playing them at the same time is quite funny actually XD xx

Posted By gp167,


Posted By CorruptedScience,

Jay-Z- Empire State! Niice Song!

Posted By Broown Mileh Doll,

Train wins my Vote,People played Empire State of Mind way too much for me to still like it.

Posted By Alice Reid,

jay-z empire state of mine...da best....

Posted By Eugene,

Soul Sister is sung by a man who should never use the phrase. lol

Posted By lockheed40,

Jay-z! Yep...

Posted By orgxnicminds,

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