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Jason Derulo's half cover, half sample of “Whatcha Say” faces Drake's “Over” in our first round of match ups. Derulo beats himself up over losing a girl, whereas Drake question what he's doing before realizing oh yeah, he's living his life, duh. So which do you prefer, a sad R&B ballad about love lost or a rap song that name-checks Jada Pinkett, Michael Jackson, and Ebert & Roeper?

Debate It! 7

Whatcha say is too many places. hopefully not on the next round.

Posted By lockheed40,

He should change his name to DRAKEOVER

Posted By kylemacmac,

Drakkkeee! Itz the bezt!!

Posted By Broown Mileh Doll,

Drakee! <33

Posted By ulliiisss,

Damn...this is hard....I'm gonna go with Jason,I think....

Posted By Alice Reid,

jason derulo......#1

Posted By Eugene,

jaaasooon deeeruulo

Posted By damurhot,

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