Commendable Kids allows parents, teachers, and anyone interested in encouraging children, to register a child and begin awarding them badges for their hard work, milestones, skill developments and anything else that deserves commending. Then, you can invite family and friends to be a fan of the child so they can leave comments of support and even give them high fives! Kids love it and are encouraged to set and work toward personal goals.

Twitter: @commendablekids
Location: Clearwater, FL


Posiq is a team of about 20 passionate engineers, designers, and overall outstanding individuals who are working 24/7 to deliver technology solutions that enable restaurants and the hospitality industry to manage customer relationships using mobile phones and the web. Our mobile solutions make it easy to build exciting loyalty campaigns, run innovative and engaging marketing programs, get real-time reports from your business, and deliver highly-targeted messages... all from a best-in-class, touch-screen user interface that runs on the very POS system you already own.

Twitter: @posiq
Location: San Jose, CA

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Great idea, will be passing this site along to friends with kids!

Posted By smithad,

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