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Debate It! 11

first one. though its hard. too cute.

Posted By Karefree,

the first one, he is like a baby . OMB! :*

Posted By Nasya Thahira ,

The First one so hot but it was hard to pick

Posted By Justin123,

There both cheesy lol! :) but the first one ! :D

Posted By Bieberlover229,

it is so hard ! ummmmm .. ooh i cant pick !

Posted By ILY.JUSTIN.xo,

sooo hard there both very cheesy yet both so hot !!!

Posted By keels,

Dayum this one's too hard!!!

Posted By Britty.Bieber,

Love seeing bieber on concerts ! <3

Posted By Adrianana,

Te Amo Justin Bieber =)

Posted By Hamnly,


Posted By Fneversaynever,

i love you justin ... :]]

Posted By ria bieber,

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