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Description: Cheek'd is a savvy online social circuit which draws on the age old custom of networking with business cards. The company designs personal cards with clever catch phrases and unique ID numbers which direct card receivers to a brief online profile and photo to learn more about their admirer, and if the recipient wants, may send a message via the Cheek'd internal messaging system. It's like online dating, only backwards.

Twitter: @cheekd
Location: New York, NY


TheIdeaStartup enables students to collaborate on the ideation and creation of comprehensive business plans, while painlessly developing multi-year pro forma financial projections. Top universities, like MIT Sloan, use the platform.

Twitter: @TheIdeaStartup
Location: Boston, MA

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Great idea, great concept. Let's get awkward later

Posted By patrickdd,

Such an adorable idea! Good luck, Cheek'd!

Posted By AnnaRuth,

"where have I been all of your life" brilliant!

Posted By georgec,

Cannot say enough great things about TheIdeaStartup. Easy to use, very informative, overall a GREAT product.

Posted By scott13,

"i just put all my drinks on your tab!" hilarious!!! love cheek'd~!!!!!

Posted By UncleMitchie,

The IdeaStartup brings the business plan online, so that you can add that great idea to your business at the point in time in which you have that Eureka Moment. Not only that, but your business partner can see it and make changes to it from wherever they might be!

Posted By jesserogo,

Go Cheek'd! You deserve it!

Posted By BrianKeith,

I even use Cheek'd!

Posted By loricheeknyc,

TheIdeaStartup is amazing! I wrote a fantastic business plan using the site. It was very user friendly and the information available in each section of the plan is top notch! This site is awesome and, in my opinion, will be in a ton of business schools within the next couple of years! VOTE for TheIdeaStartup!

Posted By earlbennet,

I've used the IdeaStartup... it's very cool, and the new version is way better than the old, and still cheap. I hope they create a suite of products like this one...

Posted By,

Cheek'd is the best thing to happen to dating since the French kiss.

Posted By F_T,

Ummm how you don't be a techie weirdo and just say "Hi" to someone???

Posted By Watson3000,

Love it!

Posted By eloueini,

Cheek'd seems like a fun flash in the plan, but I've used the TheIdeaStartUp as part of an upper level graduate school course I teach, and I simply can't say enough glowing things about the site. Easy to use, extremely informative, and best of all the end result is a complete, professional business plan. Not a complicated Facebook Poke.....

Posted By LawMan81,

Best of luck, ISU!!

Posted By elliot.terry,

Cheek'd Baby!!

Posted By alisawyatt,

What a great idea, its the greatest tips I have ever come across. YOU should all use it you will be very happy you did, its works wonderfully.

Posted By difran,

TheIdeaStartUp - good luck with everything! You are fantastic!

Posted By Cassandra386,

I love the fact that you can develop a plan with every part of the organization simultaneously, and independently.. No more group think... or one person having to do the work for everyone else! Great Job Ideastartup!

Posted By cwambolt,

Go Cheek'd!

Posted By edescarpentries,

Cheekd will turn online dating on its head - watch out Match!!

Posted By bowery01,

I voted for TheIdeaStartup. The concept is awesome and the site looks great! Nice job!!

Posted By Celtics34,

I got Cheek'd in Calgary, CANADA.

Posted By Sissyturnbow,

TheIdeaStartUp seems like a fun flash in the plan, but I've used the Cheek'd and referred friends who use it and I simply can't say enough glowing things about the site. Easy and fun to use, and best of all the end result could be a meaningful relationship is a complete,.

Posted By batesmotel,

Cheek'd is awesome!

Posted By jcduddey,

why match when you can cheek'd?

Posted By obsoleteforms,

Forget Duke, putting all my money on Cheek'd this year!

Posted By mkted,

Cheek'd is the most innovative dating site yet!

Posted By JWalk,


Posted By RuthieB,

Go Go Cheek'd

Posted By malsirrah,

This is the Cheekiest thing in 2011.

Posted By JStein,

Obviously the people commenting on Cheek'd are friends with the person who started it because it's the dumbest idea ever.

Posted By hillwaykeith,

Cheek'd, smart innovative and the next century in dating. Unique idea no question. Massimo.

Posted By Lari5,

supa dupa idea! sounds brills!

Posted By issybelly,


Posted By Rosssi,

Go Startup go!

Posted By jerryosmith,

Cheek'd - up close and personal the way flirting should be!! Good luck!!!

Posted By llyons,

Cheek'd is classy in more then one way ;) Go Cheek'd!

Posted By JuneL,

CHEEK'D! Such an awesome new way to make dating connections! LOVE IT!

Posted By bethebutterfly,

Why would I take the relationship back to the computer when I have the girl in person in front of me?

Posted By codonn,

TIS a great idea!

Posted By kristieflournoy,


Next time you give a cheap plug to your website, try to find something a little more recent then May and July 2010.

Posted By hillwaykeith,

Cheek'd has provided the words for me when I seemed to not have any, this little black card has scored me dates with TOTAL hotties! I can't thank you enough for putting the spark back into dating. Best of Luck.

Posted By wcheer36,

Fantastic idea!

Posted By Linda Zupan,

Cheek'd seems like a great idea if I was petrified of talking to the opposite sex. Sorry but I checked out the idea start up and they are legit. MIT is a pretty good school so the idea start up has my vote.

Posted By baob,

go the idea startup!!

Posted By kait2828,

go Cheek'd!

Posted By dagmoreno,

Cheek'd is.

Posted By todd6789,

Go cheek'd go!

Posted By Wendy24NYC,

You got my vote - Marian

Posted By rudeman,

Great concept. Good Luck you deserve to win.

Posted By bobjohn,

Great Idea! Good luck with this new adventure.

Posted By Dan Sutherland,

Cheek'd is absolutely adorable! You've got my vote!

Posted By AGoebel,

Blue Horseshoe loves Cheek'd - put all your best clients in it!

Posted By ggekko,

Cheek'd Cheek'd Cheek'd!

Posted By Charlessss,

Go Idea Startup! Awesome idea!

Posted By DaryLane,

Let's go Red Sox!

Posted By mat.villar,

If it weren't for my Cheek'd cards I'd never meet women.

Posted By blavezzoli,

"my dog likes your dog."

Posted By Jdogg,

Cheek'd lights up my life.

Posted By Olighting,

Cheek'd FTW! It is fun and easy. Seriously, TheIdeaStartup is a solution for dying process, business plans. Only useful for business plan competitions.

Posted By soqueo,

I'm an architect and am going to start building relationships with these little black cards! Great Idea, Kids!

Posted By DRozzi,

I go to MIT and I used The Idea Startup to start a business plan with a few friends. Really easy to use and has saved us hours in planning, logistical work and idea framing. The product is pure Gold!

Posted By david toms,

What a great way of meeting people & breaking the ice. Congrats, Cheek'd-- to a truly innovative idea!

Posted By FaridB,

Voting for the best Check'd on the planet!

Posted By caroline Benedetti,

Love it~!

Posted By mejennu,


Posted By ravishr,

It really a great idea , Good luck

Posted By chandru25,

love it!

Posted By suresh1959,


Posted By vivekkumar1990,

nice idea excellent

Posted By marychippina82,

Cheek'd :)

Posted By zsamreen1,

Excellent idea :)

Posted By bbney,

Cheek'd is so much fun! brings people face to face again as opposed to just via computer. also it's flirty which everyone like which has been lost with online "dating/networking".

Posted By jondrama,

Great idea Lori

Posted By Bomo,

Cheek'd to Cheek'd

Posted By ablye,

Cheeky Cheek'd

Posted By ablye,


Posted By bartha,

Coming from a frustrated online dater.... Cheek'd is a brilliant business model. Get people out and about - away from their computer screens and actually interact the old fashioned way!

Posted By lulumary,


Posted By cearnshaw1,

CHEEK'D!!! CHEEK'D!!! CHEEK'D!!! CHEEK'D!!! CHEEK'D!!! What an amazing idea!!!

Posted By dawnmagnotta,

Go Idea Startup!!

Posted By Shelly28,

Holy votes batman! Go cheekd go!

Posted By robert.chudalla,

Gotta Cheek'd !

Posted By paliwgroup,

IdeasStartup is amazing!

Posted By pramudido,


Posted By AmyAnne,

Great concept

Posted By twopumpchump,


Posted By srost,

Get Cheek'd!

Posted By mcguiran,

Cheek?d will change the life for a lot of people, Go Lori!

Posted By eddieps,

Good Luck!

Posted By janetw,

go baby! go!

Posted By mysuites,

Go Cheek'd!

Posted By Tiffany Wagner,

que bueno! cheek'd

Posted By portenasantelmo,

Cheek'd is on Fire!

Posted By @contentpartner,

This contest is on fire!

Posted By PhilipJBoelter,

so cheek~ so cheek~

Posted By richkash,

Idea startup for the win! Let's go!

Posted By mariabr,

nice ideas

Posted By bmillgn,

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