Description: Cheek'd is a savvy online social circuit which draws on the age old custom of networking with business cards. The company designs personal cards with clever catch phrases and unique ID numbers which direct card receivers to a brief online profile and photo to learn more about their admirer, and if the recipient wants, may send a message via the Cheek'd internal messaging system. It's like online dating, only backwards.

Twitter: @cheekd
Website: cheekd.com
Location: New York, NY


Luv@FirstTweet is a new free online dating service for your Twitter account that is fun, quick, and easy to use. The beauty of Luv@FirstTweet is that you can build your profile anywhere you are. Tweet responses to our profile-building questions while on line at the grocery store, waiting for a cab -- heck, do it if you are bored in a meeting. When you follow @LuvAtFirstTweet, one question a day will show up in your Twitter feed. We will use your responses to match you with someone we think you'll like. The more you answer, the better the match.

Twitter: @luvatfirsttweet
Website: www.luvatfirsttweet.com
Location: New York, NY

Debate It! 60

Get Cheek'd! Take fate into your hands-- get carded and start dating!

Posted By loricheeknyc,

Both good ideas but the nod the has to go to Cheek'd on this one. Love the clever use of new school and old school tech. Cheek'd gets my vote. Good luck to all!

Posted By ggekko,

Cheek'd ROCKS!

Posted By bina,

Get Cheek'd! Our fate is at your fingertips! --get carded and start dating!

Posted By obsoleteforms,

Congrats to both Cheek'd and Luv@FirstTweet for making it this far!

Be sure to check out the WhoSentIt vs UpLynk match! http://thisorthat.com/t/whosentit-vs-uplynk

Posted By danklynn,

Cheek'd is the word.

Posted By TravisL.,

Cheek'd isn't that bad of an idea, but wouldn't it be more financially responsible of me to just give out my phone number on a napkin?

Posted By bobbykriegs,

Cheek has been CHEEK'D!

Posted By suparnab,

Cheek'D is making me cheeky and Chicked! :)

Posted By jai2011,

i'm all cheek'd up and nowhere to go

Posted By philypfeif,

Cheek me!

Posted By wags3671,

great concept. facebook will be a has-benn!

Posted By alanbnj,

Stinks being up against our friends at Cheekd but let's go Luv@FirstTweet!!

Posted By jon_laft,

Luv@FirstTweet is such a cool dating tool - unique and easy-to-use, it's the future of online dating!

Posted By pumkinpiee,

Get Cheek'd!

Posted By ash5885,

Luv@FirstTweet is such a fantastic concept - free, easy, and innovative. It definitely has my vote!

Posted By sark730,


Posted By alanm,

So confused... do I need to make a comment to submit my vote?

Posted By plaura,

Get Cheek'd...all the cool kids are doing it!

Posted By mollybeal,

Luv@firsttweet gets my vote! It's an easy, fun way to meet people..and it's free!

Posted By charlie4,

I met my girlfriend on luv@firsttweet

Posted By doctad,

i just cheek'd this tournament!

Posted By Jdogg,

Can I get a Cheek'd Cheek'd?!!! In the hizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzouse!

Posted By Sissyturnbow,


Posted By JoeJoe,

um, cheek'd is awesome

Posted By MarioG,

cheek'd, please.

Posted By jnevins,

i need a date

Posted By larryjenkins23,

Yes for cheek'd

Posted By Text Talks,

Let's do this Cheek'rs!

Posted By morr,

no question - Luv@FirstTweet!

Posted By sooki,

Clearly Luv@FirstTweet

Posted By wawagirl,

If YOU have ever been LUCKY enough to be CHEEK'D you would KNOW this is the ONLY way to vote :)

Posted By Maureen ,

I'm in love with Cheek'd. All my victims Cheek me.

Posted By jacquesduprey,

go lori! cheekd rocks

Posted By twisted,

Check in on Cheek'd.com not-so-ordinary little black cards!!

Posted By LarryC,

Get Cheek'd!

Posted By sbenzeno,

you've been cheek'd

Posted By batesmotel,

cheek'd yea

Posted By kathy1,

yea, cheek'd

Posted By dkbrown,

Both dating sites, except Cheek'd costs at least 50 cent per card plus a $10/mth subscription (seriously???). The other one's free. Free wins.

Posted By sh1234,

This or that? Online or Offline? CHEEK'D!!! Bringing the online back to the streets! Its called Love at First Sight-- remember those days?

Posted By SelinaT,

luv@firsttweet is amazing!!!! ive been on it for 5 days and ive already got a nice date out of it! :)

Posted By noamhazan,

Interesting concept, Luv@FirstTweet, but please consider significant privacy concerns in how you expose users' personal e-mail within the unregulated Twitter environment. (And what about the concept of "opposites attract" in formulating your matches?) Vote is for Cheek'd since they already address both privacy and monetization, but Luv@FirstTweet can iterate through these issues. Good luck to both!

Posted By paliwgroup,

Go Cheek'd

Posted By johnwahl,

Date responsibly! Vote Cheekd

Posted By smalltownsexy,

Luv@firsttweet is the best!!!

Posted By Tammerj,

Luv@First tweet is awesome! Not corny like match.com and its hip! Just to take a simple question to a more amazing conversation!

Posted By acrawford10,

Go Cheek'd

Posted By Sandy Stevenson,

I agree -Cheek'd is the one

Posted By golfergirl,

Good Luck girl

Posted By rtcrouch,

Best Wishes to Cheek'd

Posted By Papa Jack,

Cheek'd works for me!

Posted By Coach J,

Are there millions of singles secretly wondering, "Oh, I would LOVE to date, but I don't have 5 minutes of time to fill out a dating profile. If ONLY a dating sign would tweet me at random times so I can fill out my dating profile while at work or going to the bathroom." And is the pain so intense, they're going to be willing to pay money or at least spend lots of time on a Twitter-based dating site so their attention can be sold to advertisers?

If not, my vote is for Cheek'd. :-)

Posted By jdegoes,

cheek'd ! yes!!!

Posted By rossa,

Have to say.. I wish cheek'd had been my idea.... half of the night mare of online dating is over.. when you can see the person.. ! how cool that part is over..and then you can hopefully connect.. and fall in love.. be friends.. whatever.. It so chic.. and cool.. with no big rejection involved.. !

Posted By catherine johnson,

Cheek'd all the way!

Posted By mejennu,

Cheek'd is kickin it!

Posted By mkted,

Love the idea of Cheek'd

Posted By johnwahl,

Cheek'd is the way to go

Posted By patrickpatterson,

Good Job, Cheek'd Team!

Posted By EllenBloomingdales,

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