Rihanna - Only Girl (in the World)Michael Buble - Haven't Met You Yet 



Two songs that pay tribute to ladies for being themselves go up against each other in our first round. First you've got Bruno Mars singing about how girl, you're amazing “Just the Way You Are.” Next up is Ludacris's “My Chick Bad,” a tribute to his naughty girl who can fight, drink, and bring the ruckus. Which lovely lady would you rather hang out with, Bruno Mars' or Ludicris's?

Debate It! 11

hate the way bruno sings

Posted By blackdynamite,

Can't say no to magic cassette tapes.

Posted By lockheed40,

man, what gives ?

Posted By kylemacmac,

I LUV BRUNO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted By kenzie,

I luv Bruno i wish he would sing that to me

Posted By allison.noel.davis,

loving this song bruno!

Posted By nick25,

As much as I love Nicki Minaj, I would be negligent not to vote for that beautiful song by Bruno Mars! It is quite a song! Hurray for a beautiful love song!

Posted By tourismhiits,

Just The Way U Aree... Eeee! I loved!

Posted By Broown Mileh Doll,

i love bruno

Posted By platinum,

I love Brune,But I'm going with Ludacris cuz he descirbed us bad B@$ches!

Posted By Alice Reid,

bruno mars....just da way u are all day baby...

Posted By Eugene,

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