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Here's a match up of epic proportions. The seemingly unstoppable Katy Perry goes head to head against B.o.B.'s "Airplanes," which has crushed its competition thanks to its rabid fans' votes. Will "Airplanes" crash and burn or will Katy Perry wake up from her "Teenage Dream"?

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Airplanes? Seriously? Come on people - isn't there a teenager inside any of you? wow.

Posted By alanbleiweiss,

Me choosing: Well, I really like the song Airplanes, and really hate Katy Perry. What should I choose PS. the answer is Airplanes

Posted By alisanikiforova,

airplanes fer sher its a really good song

Posted By rparsley,

katy perry is shit!

Posted By jadelajer,

I love Hayley Williams(and B.o.B.) and I love the song Airplanes...I hate Katy Perry and this song...so I choose...Airplanes of course.

Posted By strifykaulitz,

i love airplanes

Posted By Jweber20,

airplanes fo sho!

Posted By Hannah7,

give me a break, this 2 arnt even equal, katy is a whore, hayley and BOB are the best!

Posted By cambamanii,

dudes, it's got to be airplanes

Posted By s.culbert24,

I can't decide which to pick!

Posted By lockheed40,

This is one of the most un-difficult choices.......ever!! Hayley Williams and B.O.B!!

Posted By Pfenyx,

Easy choice... B.o.B!

Posted By Edentheking,


Posted By Vamp138Gurl,

Anyone but Perry

Posted By jogden,

teenage dream was crap is by katy perry's LOW LOW standards airplanes hands down.... ....even though it was way over played

Posted By cminor,

Wow, I'm really surprised by the strong lead so far. Way to take her out B.o.B.

Posted By Actionamy,

B.O.B And Hayley Williams Have Taken Out The Best Of The Best Without a Problem

Posted By Seriouslysyked,

love love love love airplanes!!!!!!!!!!!!! love love love hayley and b.o.b!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg airplanes for sure

Posted By nickiminajlover2007,

Airplanes Defo

Posted By rpuff7,

im sorry katy :(

Posted By lolerwt,

I vote B.O.B and Hayley Williams- Airplanes.

Posted By AvatarFreak,

Only whores and pervs have the dream Katy sings about in that song... I don't dislike Katy, but that song if frikkin stupid. Airplanes is better, and its got the votes to prove it.

Posted By Untitled,

whoever doesnt choose airplanes is deaf

Posted By GrexxSkullz,

^ Yea seriously. I don't even like rap that much, but this is a good song. ;D

Posted By Untitled,

i really love hayley william !!!! hayley william n b.o.b is rock!! i hate katy perry shes sucks !!!

Posted By lynjoviannev,

Airplanes was another crap way of getting Paramore mainstream, even if it was only Hayley in the song. KATY PERRY FTW.

Posted By Milkbottlekid,

defintly Airplanes but for me i really only chose it b/c of Hayley Williams have to say shes my fav but i do like Katy Perry so im not gonna say anything bad about her b/c shes good too but not as good as Hayley

Posted By greenjeans38,

P.S Katy Perry isn't a whore, slut, slag what ever you creeps wanna call her. She's pretty and successful and haters are just jealous cause she's fit and amazing and you aren't ;) (Y)

Posted By Milkbottlekid,

i agree with milkbottlekid, katy the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! actually,i like noth songs,but i like katy's better

Posted By rockaholic99,

NO way is katy perry better than Hayley Williams. Airplanes acutally means something, while teenage dream is a shit song about sex. I<3Hayley

Posted By demi(:,

omg dang people are stupid the only reason airplanes is winnning is because hayley . which pisses me off , katy is the best!!!! and you 77% who is beating katy can kiss my A$$

Posted By iloveyousprinkles,

I aint kissin' no one's ass 'caus hayley is the best!!!

Posted By hayley_fan_01,

probaly b.o.b

Posted By mainey99,

perrys down

Posted By joshgrant33,


Posted By ParamoreGIR,

ok seriously why are we evenn debating about this right now. katy perry is good and all but airplanes is way ahead

Posted By tete54,

I like Hayley so much more better than Katy because she is the lead singer of the BEST band ever. But Katy is good too.

Posted By Paramore4Eva,

Paramore rule and B.O.B was good at the O2 as well....

Posted By allanneave,

Katy screeches; Hayley belts. Airplanes; fo sho. 8D

Posted By DownUnder,

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Posted By selena2selena,

Paramore is the best! Hayley Williams kicks ass!

Posted By Eurekawolf,

katy can't sing and she definitely can't sing this song live. i don't see how she even made it this far.

Posted By bears8989,

i vote haley williams and B.o.B.... srry to all katies fans but her song IS called "tenage DREAM" and thats all her song is about: a dream of a slutty, horny chick! to me airplanes give me a reason to like it! it's so true and theres so much passion poured into the song...kaity, well, just didnt cut it for me

Posted By Ravyn132,

okii wow some yall dumb i dont think katy is lesbo dike hoe a slut i think she realy cool even if she sings some bad songs and i love b.o.b but whaaaaaaaaa i think ill pickkkkkkk,????? b.o.b air planes!

Posted By sara anissia,

Paramore is my favorite band and Airplanes is a great song, Teenage Dream is a good song too, but in my opinion nothing beats Hayley Williams' influence as a person and woman and her voice is incredible! It's just beautiful !

Posted By gemmabisset_x,

airplanes of course always been a hayley williams fan, and thats the best song from b.o.b so my answer is obviously airplanes :D

Posted By katsitsiio f,

B.0.B. and Hayley Williams are crazy with it! love those two artists lol

Posted By jayriot,

I Just Love B.O.B And Hayley Williams!! THAT DAMN GIRL IS FROM PARAMORE!!
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Posted By xXLoveRawrXx,

B.O.B. go !!!!!!!!! i <3 u

Posted By Your Mom,

I like teenage dream but B.o.B. is so awesome!

Posted By Janae,

I think Airplanes is way better...Teenage Dream is really bland and I don't like the way she sings anyway. But overall I don't think there should be competition between these songs because their genres really differ.

Posted By Saira,

katy perry just sings about sex and beer and shit like that...haley williams sings about stuff that's actualley worth a crap. i vote airplanes 100%!

Posted By peanutbutter3344,

I luv haley williams so of course airplanes!!!:)

Posted By luvme719,

hayley durrr paramore is awesome

Posted By lpdurr,

Hayley to the BoB ... katy perry you've got no chance :3

Posted By Rawrgaga,

AIRPLANES. FOSHO. no doubt about it i mean i heart katy perry and all but...airplanes just doesnt sound like crap. and teenage dream sounds like a dog took a crap, ate it up, then crapped it out again. sorry katy but its true.

Posted By naye226,

Katy Perry, you are amazing, I love you, but you cannot measure up to BOB and Hayley Williams in this case... Luv ya though!!! but sorry, Paramore rocks!!!!

Posted By parapara,

I LOVE KATY PERRY ! I will always be on Katy's side & no matter what, she is a inspiration & yeah .

Posted By niftyacex,

Paramore! Gotta love Hayley's voice. Not so much rap, but Hayley wins!!!

Posted By Bobzco,

Paramore bttr win i love katy perry but paramores wayy bttr

Posted By paramoreluvr1997,

i love katy...but i love hayley more...bob is a dick though...im voting airplanes

Posted By acooper,


Posted By IH3ARTN3ON,

I Love both hayley and Katy, but I LOVE Paramore, so yeah.

Posted By MnkeyBoy,

I think we can all agree or most of us can agree that Airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars. The beat, rhythm, tone, and lyrics all match. Plus, the point of the song is to wish big, work hard and you just might get it. :)

Posted By Nightpoison,

If i wouldnt listen to Katy Perry EVERY single day because your little cousins force you too i might actually vote for her but i like Paramore better and i especially love Hayley Williams so i go woth Airplanes for sure!!

Posted By alexa,

I LOVEEE Paramore but gotta vote for Katy!

Posted By danyelle254,

katy perry is good it was just over played, and i LOVE both but......

Posted By kelseo1606,

Hayley Willams definetly:D

Posted By gabbytalkalot:D,

People leave Katy Perry alone. Just because you aren't a fan of her music does not mean she is a whore. You are probably just saying that because you are jealous, you have a low self-esteem, and people call you a whore.

Posted By Willi C,

come on girls!!!! where's your gurl power??? please vote on Katy Perry! Why female artists always lose???

Posted By thisislesbos,

hayley > Katy = Hayley= WIN =P

Posted By VampireHunterZX,

Hayley Williams all the way !! AIRPLANES ! XP

Posted By colein,

You know I Love Katy Perry too. Shes crack up. Lets go BOTH ! XDD

Posted By colein,

Katy Perry's Teenage Dream was good, but after millions of times of hearing it on the radio, it gets old, also, Haley Williams has a much more powerful voice, and Airplanes are like shooting stars, everything about that song is true and perfect!

Posted By mywowshadowgold,


Posted By peggiediviney,

i only like airplanes cuz of hayley

Posted By shereen123,

Airplanes <3

Posted By danisaurr,


Posted By ambereen,

Hayley Williams rocz!!! Paramore is the best! I LOVE Hayley, Taylor and Jeremy. <3

Posted By XXparawhore.,

Only because i love Hayley Williams. I love katy perry too, i'm going to her concert, but after seeing paramore live i can't vote for anything else.... B.O.B is shit though :|

Posted By Calum27,

Airplanes Is Just WAYYY better Than Teenage Dream

Posted By KASSI!,

i love hayley so i vote for her..airplanes is great song n cool lyric,,,i hate katy bcos she look like a whore sory

Posted By bloodyxskyx,

Since there are two female artist in both songs, i will choose the one who supports US LESBOS! AND AS LESBOS, I WILL CHOOSE KATY PERRY FOR HER MUSIC, "I KISS A GIRL" because it revolutionized the lesbian community. BUT SINCE US LESBOS LISTEN TO HAYLEY WILLIAM'S SONGS IN OUR GIRL BAR, I support her. BUT THERE'S A STRAIGHT MAN IN AIRPLANES!!! That ruined the song i think. if b.o.b. was only a girl.

Posted By thisislesbos,

i like katy perry, but I HATE teenage dream...so airplanes it is

Posted By topazclodagh,

Love me perry baby!!!!

Posted By lil_angelrock,

Airplanes All The Way Baby!!!! Knock 'em dead B.o.B and Haylz!!! :)

Posted By kirsty,

airplanes. just obveous dudes!

Posted By Brooklyn NinjaBabe,

Hayley Williams is awesome. Katy Perry sucks. Airplanes ftw.

Posted By AnastasiaSorrow,



This is a really easy choice for me coz i love hayley soo much and b.o.b rocks...they should win for sure!!

Posted By sarahbagus,

Come on! Ofcourse airplanes would win! Hayley Williams is an awesome singer, I went and saw her in Brisbane in October. She is freakin legend atb singing live, and she doesnt wear retarded cupcake bras Katy Perry- A Pommy that wants to be American!!! GOOO HAYLLEEYYY!! and B.O.B!!

Posted By sahbear,

People aren't voting for Airplanes because they prefer Hayley Williams over Katy Perry, the general fact is that the song is better.

Posted By leesa,


Posted By alisanikiforova,

guys, its as simple as this. B.o.B is hot. Hayley Williams is hot and Katy Perry isnt. airplanes is kinda a suckish song but it's way better than Teenage Dream.....oh and Paramore are the best band in the world...not because of airplanes though ;) cause of songs like Ignorance, Pressure, Lovesick Melody, Misery Business, For A Pessimist Im Pretty Optimistic, Hallelujah, Let The Flames Begin, All I Wanted, Where The Lines Overlap, My Heart, Franklin, Whoa ect. ;)

Posted By Parawhore1,

I love Hayley Williams and Paramore, so it's so obvious to me that airplanes is better! AND the song is a hell of a lot better!! I don't mind Katy Perry's song Teenage Dream but in a contest with Airplanes, it was NEVER going to get my vote! PARAMORE ALL THE WAY! LOVE YOU HAYLEY!! :) xx

Posted By kez97,

as much as i'd like to suck katy perry's fanny really hard, i love b.o.b and HALEY :D

Posted By rockhardcam,

hayley williams all the way!! B.O.B is how I found out about her songs!! katy perry doesn't stand a chance.

Posted By twilight4657,

I think that no one would vote for Airplanes if Hayley wasn't in it and the proof is in the comments. I've only seen two comments who said a compliment about BoB and the first one had more about Hayley. I think BoB sux and needs to learn how to rap without screaming but Hayley really deserves this after what the Farro brothers did to her. Katy is funny, pretty and usually goos with songs but Teenage Dream IS only about a teenage horny girl wanting to bang her boyfriend. And Katy sings it terribly... HAYLEY WILLIAMS ALL THE WAY!!!!! GOOD LUCK TO THE NEW AND IMPROVED PARAMORE

Posted By Jocona,


Posted By Jocona,

a hink airplanes it is better thn teenage dream

Posted By krazykat,

i've loved paramore since i don't know when. and hayley just is THE BEST!

Posted By conwaydorien,

I've always loved paramore and Hayley is AWESOME! :)

Posted By AlexM,

Katy Perry is aswsome

Posted By George-o,

obviously airplanes, -easy choice-

Posted By xx.Phoebe.xx,

Hayley Williams FTW!!!! Ich Liebe Dich Hayley <3

Posted By lolm,

Hayley <3

Posted By yelyahthornton,

i <3 b.o.b.

Posted By Your Mom,

Airplanes is my all time fave song!! I love paramore!!!! No offense to Katy, you're just not good enough... ^.^

Posted By lam0r,

i love both but i have to say ariplans i do love katy perry but i still have to say ariplans.

Posted By tarra2397,

Fuck teenage dreams! AIRPLANE!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted By frikawaka,

Hayley Williams!! I <3 Paramore!!! Katy can't compare!!

Posted By Riotess,

airplanes only cause of the remix with eminem in it. airplanes and teenage dream both sucks. lyrics very poor especially in airplanes

Posted By Someoneudontknow,


Posted By thisislesbos,

They are both good songs but airplanes is better:)

Posted By paramorecool,

i luv both songs...but airplanes is sooooo much better... SO GO HAYLEY WILLIAMS & BOB!

Posted By jennylz-123,

COMMON ? im begging you... teenage dream !! KATY PERRY FTW <3

Posted By emilyt,

b.o.b rules and i like paramore so hayley williams all the way baby!!!!plus katy perry sucks and is extremly gay!!!!!!

Posted By ronnie0728,


Posted By aroØÑ shÆQ,


Posted By thisislesbos,

B.O.B!HAYLEY <3!! airplanes for sure folks!!

Posted By kyhan511,

airplanes, duh, teenage dream is immature, unoriginal, and just plain boring

Posted By reallivemartian,

And thisislesbos, this really isn't about gender/sexual orientation, it's about the quality of their music. The point isn't that Katy Perry's a girl, or she did a song about homosexuality, the point is her songs aren't as well-made as "Airplanes", or anything by Paramore. This isn't a gender battle, it's a music battle.

Posted By reallivemartian,

im voting teenage dream- btw-only because i hate the radio version of airplanes-if you listen to the one with eminem in it it has an entirely different point to it the lyrics are entirely different and brings up a different point of view saying:what would happen if we never went after our dreams

Posted By raeskies,

I usually dont like rap but airplanes is one of my favourite songs, Love You Haley <3

Posted By RJA13ROCKER,

Her name is spelled Hayley not Haley. I vote for Airplanes since I absolutely love Hayley and B.o.B is awesome!

Posted By bewareofyou,

love hayley, like katy. don't like b.o.b. though, but the song is cool :)

Posted By yourwedgie,

@thisislesbos Yea, we're homophobic's cause we like good music... and because we're voting for a song written by a male artist... makes PERFECT sense... Besides, I bet most everyone is voting for Airplanes cause Hayley sings in it. ;p

Posted By Untitled,

i would say i love paramore.. if this was like what how many years ago? not gunna lie they have sold themself out what happened to them... katy perry you absolute BABE<3

Posted By fifibooboo,

Def Airplanes love that song!! Hayley Williams is awesome!!

Posted By twinjemz,

hahaha so its definatley haley no 1 wrote katy hahahaha <3 HAYLEY <3

Posted By george,

79 % is on HAYLEY

Posted By george,

Can we prentend that Airplanes will win this battle no need to AIRPLANE ALL THE WAY!!!

Posted By kungfukipper,

the song Airlplains from BOB is better with Eminem, i dont think the rapper BOB is realy talented just the text of the song is good. Katy Parry has a good song and a nice ass. Katy is better!

Posted By Adhurim,

BOB is a loser. HW is the only good thing about that song.

Posted By dx280,

Hayley has my heart =)

Posted By ebilfluffykins,

airplanes would suck if it wasn't for hayley

Posted By shereen123,

@ untitled... ur just accussing us lesbos by saying that YOU STRAIGHT MALE KNOW HOW TO LISTEN TO GOOD MUSIC! Ugh. like jesusth cristh again. I knew it that straight male always abuse people of the opposite sex. they make false assumptions by their music preferences. there is something about these music that captivates people of different sex. hmmm... what is it?

Posted By thisislesbos,

@ untitled "Yea, we're homophobic's cause we like good music... " "What does that have to mean?" said I in a severe harsh tone. the opposite would be ,"yea, we're ant-homophobic cause we like bad music..." so your implying that us lesbos listen to poor quality music. well... you don't have good imagery and have no good taste for music that reflects on the beauty and luxury of life. you just listen to gangbanging cds with crappy rap, talking about pimping and prostitution and also violence and accusation of us lesbians. ur words aren't powerful just like the majority rap songs. u have no respect for us lesbos...

Posted By thisislesbos,

@ thisislesbos ummmmm no STRAIGHT dudes don't do that

Posted By Your Mom,

I love how people are really choosing "Airplanes" because honestly, I thought people didn't know what good music was these days. :P And Katy Perry's song, like people have mentioned before, really sucks. :P The meaning is horrible, and she cannot sing. "Airplanes" 100%.

Posted By Kat43,

PARAMORE!!! HAYLEY!!! enough said :)

Posted By Lozza96,

They are both good songs, but teenage dream is more down to earth than a rap career. honestly idk. i love hayley and katy both :D

Posted By Terracyde,

@thisislesbos I was being sarcastic, I didn't mean to say you didn't know what good music was. And you don't know me, so you can't accuse me of listening to rap and gangbang songs or whatever. I actually really hate that kind of music, I usually don't like rap, but this is a good song (in my opinion). And how does ANY of this relate to homosexuality? I could say you have no respect for us straight guys because you assume all of us want to fuck fat girls in the ass. I respect all music, but I only LIKE what I think is good quality music. I have a very broad taste, (Pop, rock, soul, metal, pretty much everything as a matter of fact) so you shouldn't go accusing me for being a sick and perverted sex addict, when you have never met me and only heard me say a few sentences.

Posted By Untitled,

@ Untitled Are you a teenager or adult because u have a very very broad taste of music. i just generalize man because they always describe things and people as gay in every competition and that offends the homosexual community. they use the term "GAY" as a word with a negative connotation. Aren't you aware about the number of homosexuals facing isolation, confusion, depression, oppression, and other mental issues. Being transformed as a gay or lesbian may be very hard for straight people at first, but there are times where people suddenly became as gay or lesbians. There's nothing bad about homosexuals so the term "gay" shouldn't be used to used in the comments in a music competition. I hope you understand this comment.

Posted By thisislesbos,

@ thisislesbos Just have to say this, and you'll probably take it as offensive as someone voting for a certain song, (which is really stupid), But get over yourself. You yell at everyone who doesn't vote for who you want, and start calling us all homophobic, sexist bastards, which is not appreciated by the way. Because before you start yelling at me, and calling me a straight sexist male guy, I'll tell you this; I am straight, but I'm female, I'm definitely NOT homophobic. Some of my best friends are gay, and bi. My aunt is a lesbian, and I'm completely fine with that it's their choice, not mine. Don't stereo-type EVERYONE as the exact same person. the rarely listen to rap. Stop stereo-tying everyone under the same category, and open your eyes. everyone is different. I bet a good 3/4 of us don't fit into anything of hat you're saying about us. Thanks, enjoy yourself. P.S. - Sorry. I HAD to get that off my shoulders. It killed me a bit inside, I believe.

Posted By Lmaan42,


Posted By Lmaan42,

@ Unltitled I agree with you on this one =/

Posted By Lmaan42,

thisislesbos is one queer mother f**ker and no im not writting it against gays, but seriusly wtf read all the comments shes been saying on the songs in each round, and what gives her the right to say a female singer is better because their a female? singing doesn't go by wich sex you are it goes by voice and talent, and im not even shore shes a lesbian, if it is even a girl, most gay/bi-sexual people wouldn't say all the shit that shes saying and don't feel like that.

Posted By brandon101,

@ untitled ewww. i don't assumed you guys fucking girls in the ass. that's what you call anal sex and that is very risky and you should know about it. also rap can lead to future murdering and other kind of crime like the rap rivalry in the 1990s. You need to know that sometimes rappers rap about sex, pimping, or any kind of violence, which can lead to another rivalry. If you don't want that to happen between your favorite artists, then read the history of rap and tell your friends or other people. remember, we've never met, as well as the other people who are commenting. i'm just sending u a powerful advice from someone who've experienced a real sexual assault from a gangster. there are some rap i like (like p. diddy and kanye west)and i also have a passion for a variety of music from artists such as Ke$ha, lady gaga, P. Diddy, Katy Perry, Paramore, B.O.B., Nicki Minaj, Drake, taio, kanye west, brittney spears, taylor swift, la roux, beyonce, black-eyed peas, jay-z, daft punk, east far movement...

Posted By thisislesbos,

I'm sorry to hear of this trauma. But you can't blame every single person for it. Stop voting on the person them self, and vote on the music. that's what this is all about. I voted on hat song I like more, which is what you're supposed to do. Please, stop discriminating everyone but lesbians. Vote on the music.

Posted By Lmaan42,

@ lmaan42 how can you get over your self if you are in a curse, a curse you cannot overcome??? THIS COMPETITION HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SEXUAL ORIENTATION. and dont talk about the sexual orientation of your friends and relatives. that is very personal. and i never used the word "sexist bastard" in this round. you just think im taking this competition as offensive just because the right song never always get to win. I'm just taking rivalry to a whole new level using words that are irrelevant to this competition. it is easy to stereo-type people because it applies to most people which are "Straight". they need to understand to stop using derogatory terms in a competition. if the next round starts and if the gay/lesbian sexism continues, what should you do? keep on messaging? u need to understand that discriminating is a horrible experience. the goal of this sexist messages is to imitate what the straight people do to gays and lebos. before, straights harassed gays and lesbos and now, to stop that, i should do what straight people do. and that is to post powerful comments. i'm sorry and i wont get mad at you. have you ever been through something like this? are you in middle school or in high school?

Posted By thisislesbos,

@ lmann42 also this type of strategy of offending straight man is called "revenge." doing the same thing that others did to you in the past. you may not feel aware and affected by this post, but there is always that time where you want revenge.

Posted By thisislesbos,

I'm in high school. It's true, I haven't been through what it is you've been through, and you shouldn't assume things I never said. You should just be who you are. I have my own set of problems, but they have no relation to this topic. Also, these comments shouldn't continue on into the next round, those comments have nothing to do with this tournament at all. By the way, that's an interesting point of view. Where I live, pretty much everyone is equal, and none of this is a big issue

Posted By Lmaan42,

@lmann42 ooooh I get it. the reason why i'm like this is the problems i faced in high school. in my high school no one is treated equally. instead, there are groups that are segregated. my school really has a bad history of violence, threats, abuse, harassment, and other kind of crimes. that's the reason why rivalry is important to me. the comments which i've seen throughout the other rounds is kind of like the issue my school faces. i'm currently a student in a very very very large school, so please understand my emotional problems. thanks =)

Posted By thisislesbos,

Ahh. my school is rather, under populated. But, I understand where you are coming from, and I respect that. I wish you the best of luck.

Posted By Lmaan42,

@ lmaan42 You're a senior or junior? You are very understanding and very nice. You've changed my perspective. You should make a ToT question so I vote and comment relevant nice messages. I also wish you the best of luck also. =)

Posted By thisislesbos,

@this is lesbos hello again I agree with your comment on high schools, my high school is seperated by social class, money, physical ability, brains, and who you hang with. I do believe in the arguement of it's all about the man, (not inquiring disrespect to any one) I learned about it at a young age where it was mankind, mans work, a mans world, mans war, and the like I voted for airplanes I'm a hayley fan. My music preference is eclectic and so is my life style. AND @ brandon101 I don't believe thisislesbos ever attacked you it's not nice, it's very cruel to call her a one queer mother f**ker. How dare you, she is simply expressing herself how would u like it if someone called u queer? Grow up this is not high school this is reality. Open up your eyes and look at her point of veiw,

Posted By lennonfan,

@ thisislesbos I'm a junior. and thank you! Also, I'm glad I can help. You're right, I should make a ToT. =)

Posted By Lmaan42,

@ lmaan42 me too, i'm a junior. People discussing with other people whose ages are the same, are likely to understand more and provide more help. That is why I asked. It's better to talk to other high school people than some mysterious adult or a kid who cannot understand the harsh reality of high school life. Be creative in your ToT and be sure to include questions relating to high school, reality, or anything that you love!

Posted By thisislesbos,

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