Artsicle is a web application to discover today's emerging artists and try original artwork in your home for only $50 a month. We provide invitation-only access to some of New York's top emerging artists, letting you find the perfect piece for you from the comfort of your couch. With Artsicle, collectors can try their favorite pieces at home for only $50 - so you can be sure that the work is right for you. Try it, buy it, love it with Artsicle.

Twitter: @Artsicle
Location: New York, NY

TINYVOX is a free iPhone (soon Android) app that makes it serious fun to tape audio everywhere. It connects to a cloud service; a TwitPic for audio that hooks to email, Facebook, Tumblr and soon Soundcloud. Your phone was made for talking into; we thought, "why not a tape deck?" We designed a gorgeous front-end and are tying it into every social platform out there this year. We're a Finalist for an Accelerator Award at SXSW - I'll be giving a presentation 12:30 Monday at the Hilton, hope to see you there :) Try it out! Thanks for the opportunity to apply.

Twitter: @tinyvox
Location: Hollywood, CA

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TinyVox will free you from typying

Posted By Ananda,

Artsicle will make your house or office less boring.

Posted By soqueo,

Go Artsicle!

Posted By dicktalens,

Boom! Artsicle FTW.

Posted By brianmwang,

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