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Debate It! 11

That's the question I keep asking.

Posted By lockheed40,

2nd one! lol.

Posted By Karefree,

totes air bieber

Posted By alyyyyyyyyyyyy,

Left one he has the cutes lips i love you justin Bieber

Posted By Justin123,

WTF Bieber! haha he is so freaking HOT!!

Posted By ILY.JUSTIN.xo,

WTF bieber is just sooooo FREAKIN hot

Posted By keels,

WTF BIEBER is so frickin HOTT

Posted By Justin__B__Luvr,

Omg WTF Bieber is sooo shmexy <3 xxx

Posted By SamanthaJaden,

i cant decide ! Both too hot !

Posted By Adrianana,

lol "WTF Bieber." LOL

Posted By kaywabiebs,

i love <3 your beautyful lips justin and your so cute and nice boy
for me ... :]]]

Posted By ria bieber,

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