Active Interview

Active Interview is a web-based video interviewing and phone screening application that helps recruiters and organizations quickly and effectively screen candidates. How it works: 1) recruiters create a questionnaire 2) candidates take the questionnaire using a webcam (or phone for audio-only) 3) recruiters review, rate, and comment on responses. Save time and get to know candidates as more than a resume, all while doing it collaboratively with the entire recruiting team. To date, Active Interview has helped hundreds of organizations process thousands of candidates from Austin to Africa.

Twitter: @activeinterview
Location: Boston, MA


Roadify is a social commuting tool that combines published data with crowd-sourced information from the road to create a real-time, location specific service!

Twitter: @Roadify
Location: Brooklyn, NY

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active interview sounds like hirehive

Posted By startup_troll,

Active Interview is going into a crowded market in an industry )HR tech) that has no interest anything innovative. They have no future. Roadify at least has some long term potential.

Posted By soqueo,

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