Should women take their husband's last name?


posted by Jon


A little debate has ensued around This or That World Headquarters. What do you think?

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I put don't change it, but if she wants to she should.

Posted By lockheed40,

Otherwise it's a pain to write holiday cards

Posted By Karla,

Either change it or mash them both together for all involved. hyphenating it is just a pain and it's dumb.

Posted By Jesster_King,

I like the Icelandic system, though it might not be feasible for larger societies. In Iceland, people don't actually have last names. Their second name is a patronymic. They take their father's name (or their mother's name if they choose to go with that) and append it with "son" or "dottir" (daughter). For instance, I would have the name Jesse Danielson. My son would be What'shisface Jesseson. Any woman I married wouldn't take my second name, she would retain her own. I guess most people would find it silly, but I like it.

Posted By jogden,

Tis Her Chouse

Posted By Tammi222,

It is her choice and her choice alone. My wife did not change her name and I cannot say that I have any issues with it!

Posted By Mr.Truther,

Hyphenated names, while totally unsustainable, lead to awesome results like:

<------THIS GUY'S!

Posted By Brash Equilibrium,

of course it's her choice, but i find it interesting that some women won't take a man's last name but have no problem taking his blood diamond.

Posted By Nate,

Don't Change It, unless the women wants to.

Posted By TaylorChyenne,

Its a tradition and has been done for hundreds of years, if you argue against it you are slapping hundreds of dead people in the face....

Posted By Evangelion151,

Its her choice :)

Posted By MrCherryblossom,

I think it should be talked about and then decided if she really wants it or not !!!

Posted By MsRennea,

depends on the name

Posted By HolyCannoli,

i think it should be up to her

Posted By playzoey95,

i think it should be up to her

Posted By playzoey95,

It's just her choice. Neither is the wrong choice.

Posted By littledesi,

HOLY CRAP! This has a lot of comments xD It's the woman's choice.

Posted By shortystephi,

women are no longer considered property, in Quebec it isn`t legal to take your husband`s name, it should be like that everywhere

Posted By calypso13,

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