Should smoking in PUBLIC PLACES be banned?

Is it ok to smoke?

posted by antoarts


The debate has been raging over the last number of years. Many cities have not only outlawed smoking in public restaurants and bars but now many cities are looking to outlaw it all together. What do you think?

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not only do they hurt their own health but the health of others around them. smokers should only smoke in their own homes...

Posted By antoarts,

I like the old "smoking sections" in bars and restaurants. They should bring that shit back.

Posted By Volatile,

The same should be done with drinking! Not only do drinkers hurt their own health, but the health of people that have to listen and share the road with them. Drinkers should only drink in their own homes, apartments, and businesses.

Posted By melgray,

I agree fully with Volatile!

Posted By Mr.Truther,

let them smoke cos its not ur fault that they might die its their choice

Posted By alicecullenisawesome,

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