Should Alec Baldwin have been kicked off his flight for playing on his phone?


posted by MrsJenB


We've all been there: You get on a plane, get settled in, listen to the spiel from the flight attendants, and then you're reminded to turn off all electronic devices. It's a hassle, for sure - but a minor one when compared to the hassle of dying in a plane crash caused by electronic interference. So you (should) turn it all off.

Except when you're Alec Baldwin, apparently, and involved in a super intense game of Words With Friends. Because everyone knows when you have a good word in mind, you can't just put the phone down and play it later.

What do you think--was the flight crew justified in making an issue of the phone usage, then eventually kicking Alec off the plane?

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No one is above the law.....

Posted By DixonRokkhead,

it has been proven that electronic devices, like phones, have no effect on a planes instruments

Posted By HolyCannoli,

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