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An openly gay 17 year old boy in Niagra Falls is protesting at his high school because officials made him remove a set of high heeled shoes he had worn. Officials noted that it is a hazard to wear heels in the school because of the stairs that students must climb, but did point out the fact that a boy wearing traditionally female clothing was becoming too much of a distraction and that made his violation clearer than the females wearing them. Was he singled out unfairly?

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boy shouldn't wear high heeled shoes? wtf!

Posted By antox2154,

As long as he's not hurting anyone phisically fine let him wear them

Posted By Neon Trees,

the guts fucked up and retarded anyway he shouldn't wear them and his parents should be embarrased

Posted By ewenr8,

If its not hurting anyone, let him be, i don't walk up to people telling them what to wear.

Posted By HannahTheBanana,

I see where they're coming from with the health and safety stuff... depending on whether they let girls wear them... but if he wants to dress like that then let him! What does it matter what anyone else thinks!

Posted By HypocricalVampire,

Let the kid wear whatever the fuck he wants! It's his choice and his life.

Posted By BringRachaelTheHorizon,

The only problem with letting him wear what he wants to is what my college speech teacher called the "no bra" rule. People wonder why anyone should care if a young girl wears a bra or not. Yet, he pointed out that a girl shows up on a cold day wearing a tiny t-shirt without a bra underneath and suddenly you have no way of controlling a class full of young, often horny, male students who would have their minds on anything but the subject at hand.

Same deal here. You have a guy walk in wearing high heels around a bunch of adolescents who aren't known as the most mature age group to begin with, and you are just waiting for them to be distracted through several means.

So I can certainly understand why the school took the actions they did, and to be honest, because he has created such a stir about it, I am pretty sure they will make an explicit and stronger ban on the shoes for all parties starting next year. It's garbage like this where one person wants to rock the boat for everyone that ends up forcing schools to look like the bad guys by installing tighter dress codes or even mandating uniforms.

School is there for kids to learn, not for them to show off any certain type of clothing.

Posted By Writtenin1981,

if he is doing that he should be in a mental institution!

Posted By ewenr8,

I agree with writtenin.

Posted By TehOnlyAzn,


Posted By bry252123,

He can make his own choices, yes. But if the school says no, the school says no, and there's nothing we can do about it.

Posted By DanieIsStrong,

^^^ I disagree. If everyone just listened and followed, what kind of place would the world be today?? You can do something: protest like the description says, sue for gender discrimination (if you can?), etc. If the girls are allowed to wear them, guys should, too. That is, as said, gender discrimination. You cant expect to say something like "guys can wear basketball shorts, but girls cant because its "distracting"" and get away with it. This is downright stupid. Freedom of choice!

Posted By feelinFIERCE,

Actually, the girls are not allowed to wear them. The news story this comes from points out that high heels are banned on all parties due to the stairs that the students have to go up and down. It was deemed a safety risk. Here's what made this an issue: people see a girl wearing high heels in school they don't usually think "oh wow there's a chick in high heels!" So there is no big commotion. Yet, a guy walks by you in six inch pumps and suddenly there are people pointing and a ruckus is raised real quick.

That was the deal here. The girls were getting by with it by hiding in plain sight, but the boy was pointed out almost immediately because of how unusual it was. It was perfectly fair, and he's just upset because he couldn't get away with it while lots of girls were able to get by.

And freedom of choice is fine when it's on your time, but not when it is on school time. There was a rule in my high school that you were not allowed to wear sports jerseys to class even on game days because it could become a distraction. You were not allowed to wear any type of non affiliated school uniform (ie Boy Scouts or Girls Scouts) to school. You were not allowed to dye your hair any colors that were not naturally based (such as purple or hot pink.)

People forget way too often these days that freedoms are not unlimited. There are boundaries on when and where your freedoms are available. If I am in my bedroom, I am allowed to scream bloody murder at the top of my lungs because the only people I will annoy is my family. That's not illegal. If I walked into a library and did that same thing, I could be fined and possibly put into jail for disturbing the peace. It maybe a free country, but that doesn't mean we are free to do whatever, whenever, wherever.

There has to be limits. It's time this young man learned that lesson. Understand that he is not allowed to wear certain types of foot wear. Deal with it. Move on. That's life!

Posted By Writtenin1981,

What I don't understand is how ANYONE wants to wear heels, prove a point or not. Sheessshhh, they hurt. If he wants to, let him but only if girls are allowed to wear heels too.

Posted By ravenharlequin7,

I think that the safety thing makes sense, but if he can't wear them, then no girls should be allowed to wear heels either.

Posted By lolforever2903,

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