Should a picture be banned for being "too sexy" for the yearbook?


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In Colorado, a high school senior named Sydney Spies has been informed by the editors of her school yearbook that the picture she submitted for her senior photo is "too sexy" for the publication. The 18-year old, who claims to be a dancer and aspiring model, feels that the photo is a "good representation of who she is" - and who she is is kind of a slut, judging from the looks of it. The professional photo features her in a short skirt and shawl, looking over her shoulder in what's probably supposed to be a sexy manner. You know, if you like that kind of thing.

The school has a rule in place which states that all students must have their backs, chests and abdomens fully covered. Still, the girl feels that her rights are being violated, and that her freedom of expression is being denied.

What do you think? Should schools have the right to nix certain photos of their students (after all, it's their publication)?

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she new the school had these rules in place...besides, if dressing provocatively is the only way you can express you're self, then there is something wrong with you're self esteem.

Posted By jonaheim88,


Posted By jonaheim88,

Your dress and your self-esteem are not so correlated as you might think. My 17-year-old sister, for example, doesn't show her thong or wear low-cut tube tops to be sexy; it's just a major part of her wardrobe. I wish she'd dress more conservatively, but I take comfort in knowing she at least is aware of how dressing that way is not the deciding factor in whether she's a good person or not, which is determined by her attitude, not her clothes.

Posted By rseitzinger,

i mean the picture is nice and all but i dont understand why you would dress like that for a school photo..

Posted By wecameaskelly,

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