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Heeeey Preeta! Thankyouhh, im a model and do alot of moddeling travelling around diffrent country's. My next shot is in America xD i really cant wait I am obsessed with american accencents. Im really excited that i have met some one from America to talk to. which part of America do youhh live in?. Tell meh more about yourself, like your intrests and thinks talk to youhh soon love Lizzie xxxx
That explains why you're so beautiful <3 I live near New York which I'm sure you want to visit. I'm a singer just not famous yet ;) I was Glinda in my school performance of the Broadway version of Wizard of Oz :) Do you know it? We just finished our 3 performances today. I cried so hard xD lol. I also like to draw. I love hanging out with friends and I go on facebook and instagram TONS! xD What about you? -Love Preeta <3
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