aeberhart Asks:

Why a polar bear? Ask me some thing back after you answer:)
I am a Polar Bear because 2 people who I talked often to on a forum got "e-married" (the guys avatar was a polar bear and the girls avatar was a cyborg) as a joke and then "e-adopted" me, so on the forum I became a cyborg polar bear. Then when I was still in scouts I used to be the assistant patrol leader, and me and my friend, who was the patrol leader, decided to make our patrol "the bears". I then became the polar bear there. It went even further when my friend got 2 hoodies with panda's and she started to call herself a panda and told me I had to be a bear too, so naturally, I chose a Polar Bear. Ever since, Polar Bears have been kinds significant to me, lol.
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