Puppies vs. Kitties

posted by Volatile


Debate It! 7

This was difficult, because I have both cats and dogs, but I've come to see that puppies are FAR more loving and loyal than cats are..... even cute little kittens. ^_^

Posted By Volatile,

But kittens are still wayyy cuter than puppies.

Posted By matt,

I do agree on that point, Matt. :)

Posted By Volatile,

puppies are awesome, until they discover your socks.

Posted By markn,

Or your shoes. Or your wooden coffee table. Or your carpet padding. -_-

Posted By Volatile,

Puppies ! I've got 2 myself so puppies ! Do like kittens but they climb on your tables and everything ! eeeee!!! (*_*) !!xx

Posted By XoxKarliixoX,

i LOVE both of them,but i gotta say puppies,there so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted By rockaholic99,

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