Public toilet - Do you sit right down or do you cover it?


posted by zanvia


So a lot of public places have these toilet seat cover thingies. Do you use them or do you just plop right down with not a care in the world?

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Is that whats that's for?

Posted By matt,

I just sit right down. (Don't judge me!)

Posted By zanvia,

I usually at least give it a wipe down.

Posted By takeyourmarx,

Definitely wipe off any noticeable leftovers from previous users, but no to the seat cover.

Posted By Jon,

SICK!! I use like 3 layers of seat covers!!

Posted By snootrac,

man.. i whipe the bitch down with my mommy's baby whipes, then I put paper on it thennnn i SQUATover the thing ok? serious shit right there LOL

Posted By Daviddbqwerty,

lolz david! i just sit down! but if some gross lady came out it..i will wait for someone else

Posted By LadyGaga123,

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