Privacy Policy

What is This or That?

This or That is a user-driven comparison website that allows people to debate and vote on topics of public interest, such as products, objects, concepts, people, and more. Users can create a profile, create comparisons and share them with friends, and vote and comment on existing comparisons.

What Kind of Information Do Our Users Provide Us?

This or That users provide us with the following information:

  • A username that identifies and differentiates one user from the next
  • A password that is encrypted and thus not viewable to This or That employees or users
  • First and last name to be displayed on the individual user's profile
  • Additionally, users can optionally fill out their profile to include personal interests, a favorite website, movie, and book, and their gender, birthdate and city
What Kind of Information Does This or That Automatically Collect?

We write cookies stored by your web browser that tracks your user preferences (if you're unfamiliar with how cookies work, we recommend this Lifehacker article). You're free to clear This or That's cookies; however, for optimal user experience we advise against it.

How Do We Use and Share User Information?

This or That does not share user information with third parties. We display the information you fill out in your profile to other users on the site. We will not sell or release your personal information, nor will we spam you with information unrelated to This or That. We will occasionally send our users updates and news about the website via email, as well as stats and activity on comparisons they've created or commented on. If you do not wish to receive these emails, you can opt out via your account settings.

How Can Users Change Their Privacy Settings? (opting in/out of emails, profile settings, etc)

Your privacy settings can be changed under your account settings. You can opt out of This or That email updates, as well as edit personal information you do not want to be publicly viewed.

Have Questions and Need to Contact Us?

If you have questions about our Privacy Policy, please email Note that we may update our Privacy Policy as we continue to add more functionality and enhance the user experience.

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