About Us

This or That was created to help people make choices with the Internet by their side. We bring together editorial and user-generated media so that you can "own the watercooler" in a fun and offbeat way and stay current on the hot trends and topics buzzing across the globe.

We launched the site in May 2010 and are privately funded. Our team is big enough to fit comfortably inside a compact car, provided we're not wearing any bulky clothing.

Jon Kelly, CEO
As CEO, Jon is ultimately responsible for building the most talented team in new media, keeping the lights on and the story straight.

Matt Macchia, CTO
As CTO, Matt is responsible for all aspects of development, maintenance, and support for This or That. Love how the site functions? Thank Matt! Found a bug? Blame Matt! (But be nice about it or else he'll replace the site with a perpetual Rickroll.)

Chad DiPrince, Designer and Front End developer
As Designer and Front End developer Extraordinaire, Chad is responsible for making our modest site so shiny and distracting.

Rebecca Kelley, Director of Marketing
Rebecca's the sheriff of this here site, ensuring that the content is up to snuff and that the community plays nice. She also runs This or That's entire marketing team and has chosen to overlook the fact that she is the only person on the team.

Do you want to join the team? Check out our jobs page.

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