Proposing publicly at a major sporting event: good idea or steer clear?


posted by jarango


A video has recently surfaced from the December 23rd UCLA basketball game at the Honda Center in Anaheim. Midway through the awkward Kiss Cam segment that usually kills about 45 seconds during a timeout, some dumb schmoe decides to propose to his completely unprepared girlfriend. It goes about as well as you'd expect.

So, is a public proposal just a bad idea if you're not 100% sure you already know the answer, or is it a dumb idea no matter who you are? Aren't some things better kept private?

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it's romantic!

Posted By MusicalQueen,

Not so much if they say no....

Posted By sunshine321,

not everyone wants to be the center of attention like that. not to mention, if they say might be just because they are in front of a huge crowd and it would be embarrassing as hell for both parties if the answer was no. just...not a good idea. besides..whats romantic about a bunch of sweaty athletes? lol

Posted By jonaheim88,

1) It's not as romantic as guys like to think. I have never heard a woman that said she grew up dreaming that her guy would propose to her in a time out of a Laker game or on the big screen at Cowboys Stadium.

2) It should be an intimate moment between a man and the woman of his dreams.

3) You're putting a LOT of pressure on your girlfriend by doing so in front of thousands of people. It's sort of hard to say "I need time to think about this" or "I don't know if I am ready" if you have 20,000 pairs of eyes staring at you.

Best option: keep it private, simple, and personal. It's best for EVERYONE involved in the long run.

Posted By Writtenin1981,

daaaamn, that's harsh

Posted By emoe17,

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