Peanut butter or Nutella?


posted by Rebecca


It's hard to beat the creamy, salty yumminess of peanut butter but Nutella fanatics would argue that the chocolatey hazelnut spread is even better. Which do you prefer?

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Posted By crazydiva,

Nutella is too good

Posted By Oliverlakewood,

nutella for suree!!!

Posted By MusicalQueen,

Ideally, I'd have both, one on top of the other. Nutella does taste good, we all know it, but if I was going to school (university) or work, I'd prefer peanut butter. Nutella doesn't offer either the energy or the protein content that peanut butter does (Skippy has more than double the protein-7 to 3). Plus, my teeth rarely get sensitive from eating peanut butter; Nutella is so sweet when I bite into a sandwich, I feel it much more often.

Posted By DarkReapersGrim,

Nutella Is Amazing :)

Posted By YouveGotToMuchTalent,


Posted By Emokid666,

nutella ,ihts ughh so peanut butter!

Posted By xXDisney_DivaXx,


Posted By Mike Dermendjin,

Nutella! Also making me hungry! xD

Posted By MikeEdwards,

i've never heard of that nutella hmm

Posted By IamArnol,

Mmmm nutella is bomb!! PB is good but nutella toast is where its at fosho!!!

Posted By MissTrouble,

I don't know what either of them taste like. Yeah, I'm weird.

Posted By Reks,


Posted By marioiscool845,

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