Nicki Minaj looks best with..

posted by Submissive


Debate It! 9

She looks terrible with both

Posted By ninjamaster1998,

Agree with ninjamaster! Nicki Minaj is fake and talentless, but I find the pink hair looks slightly better with whatever "trend" she's trying to set.

Posted By UnknownStereotype,

blonde hair were very nice

Posted By andrewcruise,

Hey! No hating on nicki! She didn't do anything wrong!!! She's just....original! I like the pink hair! Haha 

Posted By lola13,

I really do not like her at all - but I think the pink hair is SLIGHTLY better looking on her than the blond.

Posted By crazystereotype,

She looks gorgeous with the pink hair!

Posted By Evies1986,

When she's silent. When she opens her mouth she becomes ugly.

Posted By 1962hike,

I dont like Nikki Minaj...She so annoying. -.-'

Posted By Mrs.EmilyHecox,

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