Westboro Baptist Church Too Extreme for the KKK
The Klu Klux Klan and the notoriously homophobic Westboro Baptist Church are ironically like gays and many pro-life conservatives: they're two groups that could easily work together, but one group's hatred is too extreme for any potential ally. At least that appeared to be the case on Monday before President Obama led the Memorial Day ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery. Three members of the Topeka, Kansas-based cult of hate church found themselves face to face with about 80 ...

The Voice vs. American Idol: What's Your Singing Show of Choice?
Just days after The Voice premiered, the new reality singing contest was the buzz around the water cooler. Longtime watchers of American Idol were thrilled by the different format (based upon The Voice of Holland), and they were ready to declare they were done with AI. However, when American Idol ended last week with Scotty McCreery as its newest winner, initial excitement for The Voice began to fade. Will The Voice become a juggernaut like AI? Each could certainly learn something from the ...

Terrorism Gone Wrong
German Spies Armed with Explosive Sausages Failed in WWII
Declassified British intelligence files reveal an oddly interesting plot from the Germans, which was completely devoid of intelligence. Armed with poisoned sausages, explosives, and extensive training, the ill-chosen group of saboteurs set out against the United States for WWII. The Plan The plan for the Germans was to use explosives to target locations - including railways, factories, public locations, and Jewish-owned shops - to perform "small acts of terrorism" in the United ...

The 10 Best and Worst Movies About Poker
Hollywood has had a long history of jumping on a fad, flooding the market with movies, and abandoning it like a 24-year-old starlet after ten trips to rehab. For example: Rock 'n roll movies in the '50s Spy flicks in the '60s Disco musicals in the '70s Teen comedies in the '80s Slacker/indie films in the '90s One of the big fads of the '00s was Texas Hold'em poker. In 2003, when an overweight Tennessee accountant named Chris Moneymaker won the World Series ...

What's up with the game and where's it going?
As the College Football World Turns
What do Barry Bonds and Ohio State football have in common? Both cheated when they didn't have to. The world of college football is in the midst of being turned upside down, inside out, and any other superlative description for tearing away at the innards of an entity in question. Since February of this year, media outlets abound have taken their cuts at a sport seemingly on the fast track to the top of the American sports heap. With the NBA and NFL either currently in the thick of or on ...

10 Random Celebrities Who Have Appeared on the Children's Cartoon Show "Arthur"
Yes, I'm talking about that Arthur, the one on PBS. In addition to providing thoughtful and surprisingly complex children's content for the last fifteen years, the show regularly features celebrities as animated versions of themselves who stop in to offer inspiration and support in moments of crisis. All the guests voice themselves, and a few have even appeared on multiple occasions. And did you know that the show has also done parodies of MTV Cribs, Harry Potter (as Henry Skreever and...

Like Richard Nixon and Woody Hayes, Jim Tressel's exit is a sour one
The Tragedy of Jim "Nixon" Tressel
On a day for celebrating America's heroes, an unexpected "villain" made peace with his predicament and stepped down from one of the most prestigious positions of his profession. Amidst a scandal that has tarnished the reputation of not only Ohio State's football program, but the university as a whole, head coach Jim Tressel resigned on Monday, three months before the start of the season. As a fan of another Big Ten team, I'm both stunned and slightly relieved. Then again...

The 7 Terrorist Leaders Still On the US Hit List
Osama bin Laden was undoubtedly the biggest terrorism target in the world. Eliminating the leader of al-Qaeda is nothing short of a great accomplishment, especially after more than a decade of searching. He was, however, just one man. In the global war on terror, if you take out one leader, eight other guys will pop up to take his place. In the United States' current case, there are at least seven major extremist leaders that the United States is still after. 7. Abu Yahya al-Libi A ...

Binary and Lockheed Martin logo, in pretty pink and red colors.
Lockheed Martin's Servers "Tenaciously" Cyber-Attacked
After endless attacks against Sony Online Entertainment, new cyber attacks continue to renew public interest in Internet espionage and security. Lockheed Martin, one of the world's most powerful defense contractors, was slammed by a series of remote server break-ins. The company was not specific with the details of the attack, but has stated that no personal data or files on their clients have been compromised with the break-ins. Lockheed Martin Corp. purportedly took immediate ...

Screw Chick-Lit; Here Are Some Real Novels for Real Women
I'm all about light pool-side reading, but I am really tired of just another story of a stiletto-wearing city gal with a heart of gold just trying to find herself and maybe a boyfriend along the way. Come on! We can do much better than this, ladies. As a matter of fact, we have. We have women who've written beautiful, timeless classics that are just begging you for a second glance. Interested in toting something around that doesn't have a picture of a shoe and a pink cover? Of ...

Chinese Prisons Make World of Warcraft a Chore
In what might be the most bizarre mistreatment of prisoners since 1,500 Filipino inmates were forced to perform the dance from Thriller, The Guardian has recently alleged that a number of Chinese convicts were required to "play online games to build up credits that prison guards would then trade for real money." Most people equate labor camps with back-breaking physical tasks (and apparently there were no shortage of those, either), but the real surprise is that for nearly 300 ...

Should Paternity Testing Be Mandatory? The Mildred Baena Case
Hey guys, want to know what I've got that most of you don't? Peace of mind that my kids are, in fact, mine. Unless you've grown a child inside your uterus and cursed Mother Nature herself upon that babe's birth, it's hard to really truly know a child is of your genetics, save for a paternity test. Sure, your wife/girlfriend/booty call/one-night-lay is a stand-up girl who would never cheat...just like Rogelio thought his wife was. Who the hell is Rogelio, you ask? ...

Here's Why You'll Buy Star Wars Again, You Nerd!
Fox and Lucasfilm have finally revealed details and box art for the new Star Wars Blu-Ray set, also known as "showing fans how they'll justify buying these movies for like the forty-seventh time." First, aside from the obvious draw of having the movies in pristine high definition, there's new artwork. It's not really very good artwork, but it's new. The boxes for the individual trilogies aren't bad, but the box for the whole set is a kind of pastel peach color ...

At the Movies, It's Not Just the Plots That Aren't Very Bright
A common complaint among detractors of 3D (i.e., nearly everybody) is that the image is too dim. That's a natural side effect of projecting the movie through what is essentially a piece of shaded glass, and then watching it with sunglasses on. Dim is gonna happen. But now you've got another reason to complain about 3D: it's ruining your 2D movies too. The thing is, in order to make digital projectors throw 3D images on the screen, the projectionist has to affix a special lens that ...

Everyone reading this just won a new car!
Man Misses Oprah, Commits Felony
Oprah is a very popular woman. This has never been more clear than it was recently, when an Ontario man named Robert Spearing committed a felony because he missed his chance to get Oprah tickets. Yep, a 44-year-old Canadian man pretended he was mugged so that he would not end up in the proverbial doghouse. Apparently this guy's wife is a real treat. What do you MEAN you don't have the tickets?! Let's just clarify here, Spearing reported to the police that he was mugged so he ...

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