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Would You Use an App That Pays People Stuck in Traffic?
CommutePays is a free mobile app that tracks traffic data along specified routes. It works with route information that gets entered after downloading the app, and the smartphone (it is available to Android and iPhone, with a BlackBerry app on the way) is then able to identify potential delays before the user takes to the road. While driving, the user accrues CommuterCash that opens up deals, offers, and promotions that exist on their route. In other words, a user gets the app, then does ...

Is Web Design Getting Lazy?
Remember how web design was circa 2001? Me neither. A decade is a lifetime, at least when it comes to technology, and the days of Drupal, Joomla, MODx, and similarly complicated web designing applications are well over. WordPress, Blogger, and assorted other What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editors have replaced the need to learn code--even basic HTML--for an individual or business seeking to create and maintain a site. Adobe Muse is a web editor that actually markets itself on the ...

Binary and Lockheed Martin logo, in pretty pink and red colors.
Lockheed Martin's Servers "Tenaciously" Cyber-Attacked
After endless attacks against Sony Online Entertainment, new cyber attacks continue to renew public interest in Internet espionage and security. Lockheed Martin, one of the world's most powerful defense contractors, was slammed by a series of remote server break-ins. The company was not specific with the details of the attack, but has stated that no personal data or files on their clients have been compromised with the break-ins. Lockheed Martin Corp. purportedly took immediate ...

Spaceships: The Great White Hope
President Obama Lets NASA’s Shuttle Program Die, Gambles with the Fate of Mankind
This past Monday, the Space Shuttle Endeavour took its final journey into space. When Atlantis blasts off in June, it will signal the end of NASA's shuttle program...and possibly the end of the human species. Why does the shuttle program matter? Because if we abandon our progress in developing manned spaceflight, we will never be able to escape Earth in case of an emergency. Can we blame President Obama for this? Of course we can. But is he the only one to blame? Yeah, pretty much. For our ...

L.A. Noire: A Movie-Like Game About Movies
Rockstar Games' latest sure-to-be blockbuster, L.A. Noire, released this week on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 to the customary fanfare. It steps to the forefront of two gaming debates: one that's been brewing for years and another that's fairly new. And for a change, the big discussion regarding the game isn't about violence. (Well, it probably is at Fox News, but their video game coverage has me convinced most of their staff is still playing Pitfall on the Atari 2600.) ...

Bow down before Jobs.
Steve Jobs Is Like a God to You
As any Android phone owner who has ever been sneered at by an iPhone owner can attest, Apple fans have a very real, often irritating devotion to the brand. It should come as no surprise, then, that neuroscientists have found that Apple inspires a religious reaction in the brains of its devotees. The study was part of a BBC program called Secret of the Superbrands, which attempted to answer the question of why the world's most successful brands are as dominant as they are. The ...

Here’s a list of the 8 things I’m hoping to see from Windows 8
8 Features We Want From Microsoft Windows 8
The number of users of Microsoft's new Windows 7 operating system has just surpassed the number of people on its aging Windows XP system. This is monumental news for just about no one, but it does raise one important question: When will Microsoft release Windows 8--a product that is sure to alleviate all the problems that users have with their current version of Windows? (Whatever that version may be... Windows 3.0 excluded.) Indeed, rumors have begun to swirl about what Microsoft's ...

Grand Theft Audio: The Art of Game Music Rip-Offs
Video game music has com a long ways from the days of the boops and beeps of the Atari 2600 and its venerable microprocessing brethren. A few clever programmers were able to wring the most they could with melodies out of the machines, but plenty of games relegated their audio to just mere sound effects. In those days, dinosaurs still roamed the earth and many a pasty, pimple-faced caveman would listen to the crickets in two-part harmony with the sounds of centipedes being blasted away. But ...

Are you Batman?
10 Comic Book Video Games That Were Actually Good
Video games and comic books haven't got along well in the past. Perhaps because video games and franchises in general are nearly always quickly produced cash-ins, the two have butted heads ever since the first Superman game hit the Atari. With the Thor movie and its terrible tie-in games recently debuting, it seemed like a good time to praise the few that got it right. Thankfully, several amazing games have risen up and gone the extra mile to create an experience that's worthwhile ...

Remember When Video Games Used to Be Tough?
At the risk of sounding like I'm sick of kids rough-housing around on my lawn, I'm going to date myself as an old fogey and make the blanket statement that kids today are overly coddled. I'm not talking about the douchebag kids that roll their eyes at any car without a video screen in the backseat... Seriously though, what an a-hole. Or even the kids who get a participation medal from their softball team despite spending the bulk of every game sitting in the dirt out in ...

11 Reasons MLB '11 The Show is Better Than Real Baseball
On March 8th, publisher SCEA released the latest version of its wildly-popular baseball game, MLB '11 The Show. Boasting new analog controls for pitching, fielding, and hitting, The Show borrowed the best part of 2K Sports' Major League Baseball series to become, arguably, the offseason answer to every baseball junkie's fix. But is The Show TOO good? Is the MLB season going to be exciting enough to tear you away from those 25 virtual players counting on you to get them through ...

Old-school games might not be as dead as you think
Could Old-School Video Games Be Making a Comeback?
Video games, video games, and more video games seems to be the trend now. But are old-school games becoming just as popular as the million dollar "next-gen" games? It seems like this could be the case, especially lately with games such as Minecraft. Minecraft offers users a simple gaming experience with no specific objective, and the entire world is created from blocks. Playing the game definitely makes you feel as if you are playing on one of the first gaming consoles back in the 90s...

I'm Watching You
Are You Really Secure When Using the iPhone?
As smartphones become smarter and smarter, we have to wonder how much information we should be keeping on our phones and what types of transactions we use them for. This has been especially true for the iPhone. Over the years, enough security breaches have occurred to cause users to worry about the information stored on their phones. But, Apple itself is now causing an uproar with the data it is able to track about their users. This week, a group of security researchers revealed that the ...

Time to dust off some nostalgia!
6 Computers That Remind You Of The 1980s
The 1980s. Some say it was crap, some say it was good, but most agree it was the decade after the 1970s. The music charts were full of electronic music that sounded like R2-D2 in one of his long depressive and contemplative moments, and the cinema had films showing us we could make money by ripping off old people and their pensions and enjoy wearing shoulder pads large enough for a Concorde to land on. Life was simple in the 1980s. If you were cheeky you would get a clip ;round the ear from ...

The wave of the future or the laughingstock of today?
NeuroSky: They're Gonna Change the Way You Play Games...Maybe
I want my Jedi mind tricks. I want them now, and I don't want to have to press some combo of A, X, Y, and B to do it. The key here is mind. I wanna throw an NPC into a wall just by thinking about it. Blow up a droid without using my hands. But let's not stop there--imagine franchises whose protagonists use telekinesis or some kind of telekinetic powers. Why isn't there a peripheral out there that can read our brainwaves, pick up on the intensity of our thoughts, and produce the ...

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