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Sports Radio's 10 Best
The 10 Best Sports Talk Radio Hosts in the Country
Over the last two decades, sports talk radio has burrowed its way into mainstream media. For better or worse, many of these guys have, are, or will be making millions informing, entertaining, and unfortunately antagonizing you, I, and everyone else willing to tune into any or all of them on a daily basis. While the majority of them are covering much of the same things, most do it in very different and unique ways. Some have partners, others work amidst a group, and a select few rely nearly ...
Get your kids to start playing from just outside the womb
Coach Has Baby Between Games
Imagine if you will that you are the coach of a girl's basketball team and that you are pregnant. (Gentlemen, you will have to work your imagination a little bit harder.) Now imagine that your team has made it to the playoffs somewhere around your due date. Do you have that so far? What would you do? I think the sensible answer would be to let your assistant coach take over the team if you went into labor, but that's crazy talk.

Lookin' like a fool wicho pants on the ground
Pull Your Pants Up! Dez Bryant Banned From Favorite Mall For Wearing Sagging Britches
We've all seen the "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service" signs that adorn businesses all over the country, but could "Pull Your Pants Up or Get Out" be about to replace them? Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant could be a test case of this new phenomenon of shopping centers and stores deciding that wearing clothes isn't enough if you aren't going to wear them the way they were meant to be worn.

The 9 Weirdest Mascots in the 2011 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament
The 9 Weirdest Mascots in the 2011 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament
March Madness is already in full swing. This year has already had its share of buzzer beaters, crazy finishes, and Cinderella stories. One of the most fun aspects of the tournament is learning about schools that you may have never heard of before and, in all likelihood, may never hear from again. While the "bracketologists" go on about how which team will win it all, let's take a look at some of the smaller schools and crazier mascots that made their way into the round of 64 68.

Top 9 “Stone Cold” Steve Austin Moments
Top 9 “Stone Cold” Steve Austin Moments
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin will make his Wrestlemania return as the Special Guest Referee for the much anticipated match between announcers Michael Cole and Jerry "The King" Lawler. Here are the top 9 moments of the former wrestling superstar's career.

MJ promises to spoil his alma mater
MJ: UNC to Get Shoes and “Anything” Else Desired with Final Four Appearance
As we head into the much-hyped Sweet 16 games that are taking place, perhaps the coolest story has surfaced. Speaking to players from Michael Jordan's alma mater, North Carolina, Jordan promised to get the players hard-to-find Air Jordans along with other items ("anything you want").

Kickoff changes on the way
New Rule Changes for the NFL on the Way
While the jury is out as to the NFL lockout, at least NFL fans can spend some time thinking about some key rules changes that were just made. If your team is either really strong or really weak in terms of special teams, you might be sad (hello Bears fans) - or happy - as touchbacks on kickoffs are expected to increase.

NFL lockout
NFL Lockout: He Said, He Said
The NFL and the players association are now engaging in a game of he said, he said. Letters that are now being made public are being sent back and forth between the league and the players association (no longer an organized union). As both sides continue to air their grievances over billions of dollars, the fans are starting not to take either side.

Butler and VCU are the tourney's darlings so far
Butler and VCU: Serving and Stampeding Towards Houston
Crushing UTEP and then outlasting Murray State, Syracuse, Kansas State, and Michigan State while coming within 2 points (and a few inches) of a national championship as a 5 seed is soooo last year. If jaw-dropping drama were a multi-course meal elaborately served in a mansion, there's no more appropriately named team in all of college athletics than Butler.

NFL Lockout
5 Good Things About an NFL Lockout
You know, if you take the whole NFL debacle at face value and don't do a whole lot of research, it seems like the owners want more money, the players want more money, the coaches want more money, the rookies want more money. So because everyone wants more money, the 2011 season is in jeopardy. Sometimes you just have to make the best of a bad situation. Here, then, are 5 good things about an NFL lockout.

Tiger and his game may be lost
O Tiger, Where Art Thou?
It's been nearly 16 months since Eldrick "Tiger" Woods last won a golf tournament. Since that time, he's become fodder for every talking head in and around the game of golf who's been chomping at the bit to take their run at the man thought previously to be off limits.

Is UFC the New WWE?
Is UFC the New WWE?
Zuffa LLC, the company that owns the Ulitmate Fighting Championships, announced that they had purchased Strikeforce, UFC's primary competition. In an interview Saturday, UFC president Dana White maintained that the two companies would operate separately under the Zuffa corporate umbrella and each entity would conduct "business as usual" for the foreseeable future.

Can Clemson, UAB, USC, and VCU dispense with higher seeds after they've dispensed with each other?
Will the Play-Ins Play On?
Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill of ZZ Top will become Gillette spokesmen before a 16 seed beats a 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament. The first-round pee-on battles between North Carolina-Ashville and Arkansas Little Rock, and Texas-San Antonio and Alabama State will only determine which corpses get the flowers.

What a d-bag
Cam Newton: Hi World, It’s “Me” Again
In a shocking development, Cam Newton managed to alienate a handful of NFL executives recently at the league's annual cattle call combine. Between bench presses, wind sprints, various cone drills, and jump tests he found time to refer to himself in the third person three times, express delight in all "he'd" accomplished during the year he'd spent at Auburn and anoint himself as an "entertainer" and "icon" above all. I'd like to initially ...

Deron Williams has a 'tude problem
Two-Week Return Policy, Part 2: Who Tanked?
Last week I wrote about which NBA teams did well under the recent trade deadline. This time, I'm focusing on the teams that are desperately wishing for a do-over. Here are some teams who may end up regretting their trade decisions. Teams That Dun Goofed New Jersey Nets Deron Williams is one of the top-five active point guards, and he runs a superb offense with Brook Lopez. He also has extreme attitude problems (see Sloan, Jerry) and no reason to buy into Russian billionaire ...

5 low-seeded major conference teams that could shake up the NCAA tournament
5 Dark Horses Who Could Light Up March Madness
With all due respect to the David vs. Goliath-esque upsets, March truly isn't mad without low-seeded major conference teams making a push for the Final Four and even a National Title. Who are the potentially "imposing" underdogs for 2011? Here are 5 dark horses you should keep your eye on.

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