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Is ToT back on it's feet?! | Working vs. Not Working
Is ToT back on it's feet?! Working or Not Working
Our apologies for the wonky nature of the site lately. This should be a step in the right direction of stability!
Ladies, Don't You Just Love the Smell of a Man's Colon?
I think two things have happened alongside the rise of the Internet era and the growing popularity of social media: Spelling has gotten much, much worse People's atrocious spelling has gotten hilariously more visible/public We've seen some giggle-inducing misspellings on This or That (case in point: my favorite ToT ever made), and Twitter has also captured the digital generation's profound lack of spelling and grammar. This gem is a glorious example: I'll let the ...

You Knew the Sinking of the Titanic Actually Happened, Right?
This coming April 15th isn't just a date to sweat about your tax returns, it marks 100 years since the RMS Titanic sank in the North Atlantic Ocean during her maiden voyage from Southampton, England, to New York City. The ship had a reputation for being unsinkable but was ultimately taken down by an iceberg, resulting in 1,514 lives lost. The story of the Titanic has been depicted in film and television dozens of time, the most famous being James Cameron's 1997 blockbuster film of the ...

Strict immigration and birth certificate laws, and now this
"Walmart of Weed" Opening in Arizona
Apparently Arizona has a fun side too (for health reasons, that is). weGrow, the "Walmart of weed," is opening its largest outlet in Phoenix on Wednesday. It already has two outlets in California, and doesn't actually sell medical marijuana, but rather "everything" that's needed to cultivate it, and openly says that their hydroponic equipment is meant for the drug. This outlet opened in Sacramento in February The outlet's placement was made possible by the ...

Terrorism Gone Wrong
German Spies Armed with Explosive Sausages Failed in WWII
Declassified British intelligence files reveal an oddly interesting plot from the Germans, which was completely devoid of intelligence. Armed with poisoned sausages, explosives, and extensive training, the ill-chosen group of saboteurs set out against the United States for WWII. The Plan The plan for the Germans was to use explosives to target locations - including railways, factories, public locations, and Jewish-owned shops - to perform "small acts of terrorism" in the United ...

Chinese Prisons Make World of Warcraft a Chore
In what might be the most bizarre mistreatment of prisoners since 1,500 Filipino inmates were forced to perform the dance from Thriller, The Guardian has recently alleged that a number of Chinese convicts were required to "play online games to build up credits that prison guards would then trade for real money." Most people equate labor camps with back-breaking physical tasks (and apparently there were no shortage of those, either), but the real surprise is that for nearly 300 ...

Everyone reading this just won a new car!
Man Misses Oprah, Commits Felony
Oprah is a very popular woman. This has never been more clear than it was recently, when an Ontario man named Robert Spearing committed a felony because he missed his chance to get Oprah tickets. Yep, a 44-year-old Canadian man pretended he was mugged so that he would not end up in the proverbial doghouse. Apparently this guy's wife is a real treat. What do you MEAN you don't have the tickets?! Let's just clarify here, Spearing reported to the police that he was mugged so he ...

Glenn Beck's fat face
Glenn Beck Wants You to Get 50% Off Your Next Bikini Waxing
If you're anything like me, you stopped checking Groupon's daily deals after the twentieth or so offer for 50% off a tooth whitening or hair styling. Ditto for Living Social, which has tried very hard to be the Pepsi to Groupon's Coca-Cola. Oh sure, you were tempted by the discount on a skydiving session that one time, but then you remembered you're afraid of heights. So, you unsubscribed from their mailing list and haven't given it a second thought since then. Well, Glenn ...

Eight Giant Things That Have Attacked New York
One has to wonder why giant things so often attack New York. Maybe it's because there just isn't a lot to destroy in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Maybe they want to take pictures where they pretend to hold up the Empire State Building. Except they'd, you know, really be holding up the Empire State Building. Personally, I think they come for the bitches. But whatever their reasons, here's a list of some of New York City's most notable visitors: Clover, Cloverfield Often glimpsed but ...

Chuck E. Cheese Sued for 5 Million Dollars, or Equivalent Value in Tokens
A woman in San Diego is suing Chuck E. Cheese's parent company, alleging that the beloved restaurant, arcade, and all around family utopia is playing host to numerous illegal gambling devices. Denise Keller, parent of two, is accusing CEC Entertainment Inc. of using "casino-style gambling devices" to dupe children into squandering countless tokens in an attempt to acquire tickets. Anyone who's ever been to an arcade knows the process, but for the uninitiated, it usually goes...

It's the end of the world as we know it...
Doomsday May 21: A Harold Camping vs. Stephen Hawking Showdown
It's the end of the world as we know it? I don't know about you, but I feel fine. Yet as the days tick down to May 21 there's a palpable buzz going around about doomsday. The man behind the fervor is one Mr. Harold Camping. (via WIkimedia Commons) At 89 years old Camping, leader of the Christian-based radio ministry Family Radio Worldwide, has predicted judgment day to be May 21, 2011 based on clues he has deciphered throughout the Bible. So what exactly is supposed to happen ...

Master Thieves, These Guys Ain’t
Sometimes karma works overtime, and in the case of a Seattle man who stole a Leukemia & Lymphoma Society donation jar, the penalties were swift and severe. After taking the tip jar from the counter of a local business, the would-be Thomas Crown decided to flee the scene on foot, running directly into the street and promptly getting hit by a bus. Apparently there were quarters everywhere. The master criminal was taken to a local hospital, and the $15 in change was returned to the business ...

This is a calendar?
Ending with a Bang: 8 Doomsday Predictions for 2012
Right now, this world is screwed up. When you have the wars against terrorism, conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya, a nuclear meltdown, earthquakes and tsunamis, radiation, and corruption, you have something that resembles what you'd find in a baby's diaper. In other words, our world as we know it is fucked. But don't worry, it's all supposed to end in 2012 anyway, right? The only question is how will it all go down? Everyone's got a theory but here are the eight ...

In-N-Out Burger is Good, But It’s Not This Good
Something massive is happening in Allen, Texas. Gridlock lines the streets, and you can feel the excitement of that new fast food smell permeating the air. In-N-Out Burger is having its grand opening. The video below is getting a lot of attention for highlighting the ridiculous wait people are willing to endure just for a taste of what Tom Hanks calls, "The best thing about Los Angeles." And sure, In-N-Out Burger might be shockingly good for a fast food restaurant, but it's far...

Dubai Woman Sues Ex-Husband For Lack Of Bedroom Hijinks
We've heard of women getting grumpy because their husband can't perform between the sheets, but a Dubai woman's recent reaction might be a bit extreme. History is littered with stories about women cheating on their spouses, either because they couldn't or wouldn't make love, but there have been very few instances where the wife actually sued her husband...until now. A woman is complaining that her husband did not tell her that he had problems getting it up when it came to...

Look out for that alien behind you! No, wait, that's just a zombie.
7 Reasons Why Aliens Are More Dangerous Than Zombies
The zombie obsession sweeping the nation makes me sad and frightened for the future of mankind. Our preoccupation with zombies has taken our eyes off the real enemy: aliens. Aliens are far more dangerous and require much more preparation to defeat. If you don't believe me, please read the following list. If, at the end, you still don't believe me, then may God have mercy on your alien-probed soul. 1. I'm Sorry, But Zombies Aren't Real Has anyone ever actually seen a zombie? I&...

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