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Should we keep ToT around? | I love this ToT, please keep it alive! vs. Meh. Try something else.
Should we keep ToT around? I love this ToT, please keep it alive! or Meh. Try something else.
Well, Totters, we think the time has come to shut down this version of ToT. We have a pretty good idea of what we want to try next with the site, but this version of ToT doesn't get a lot of usage. Please cast your vote and comment below.
Google Gambles That Nevada Will Legalize Self-Driving Cars
This isn't something from an episode of Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits. Google (yes, that Google) has created driverless cars and is lobbying the state of Nevada to get them legalized. There is no word on whether the cars meticulously track your movements and hit you with targeted ads at the gas pump. In any case, it's official: Google has too damn much money. I'm going to start searching with Bing. (OK, not really.) Then again, I should be glad some company in America can still ...

Is Seattle’s Phone Book Crackdown a Step in the Right Direction?
Last week marked the beginning of Seattle's new opt out registry, which made it the first city in the country requiring phone book companies to honor requests from people who no longer want to receive an antiquated bundle of listings and advertisements. With the city estimating about two million phone books recycled each year, at a total cost of approximately $350,000, the new ordinance intends to eliminate some of the waste by saving people the hassle of carrying each phone book delivery ...

eBay has sunk to a new low
Six Ways From Sunday: How eBay Is Screwing Sellers
Whether you buy or sell on eBay, you've probably seen some of the auction site's many enthusiastic notices about the 2011 Spring Seller Update. If you're a seller that's totally disregarded said notices, then you might get a rude awakening from the big changes that rolled in on April 19. That's because eBay is gearing up to screw you...again. Below are the biggest new and ongoing ways that eBay is sticking it to their sellers. The "Unprotected Screw": No Negative ...

I'm a business major, brah
Is Business School the Easy Route Through College?
A recent article from The New York Times titled The Default Major: Skating Through B-School has the audacity to propose that business school might not be all it's cracked up to be. The report asserts that not only do business school students study less than those in other majors, they show the least learning. And, to top it off, they're typically less prepared for the GMATs than students from any other major, scoring significantly lower than students with a Humanities, Social Science, ...

Mario sides with Netflix
Netflix vs. Hulu: Streaming Superpowers Get in Slap Fight
According to a recent Netlfix press release, the current streamable content superpower (20 million subscribers as of two weeks ago) has struck a two-year licensing deal with CBS Corp. to allow users with streaming capabilities access to CBS's extensive TV library. This means episodes of recent hits like "Medium" will commingle with old favorites such as "The Andy Griffith Show," "Cheers," "Twin Peaks," and "Family Ties," not to mention with...

Change in Coming
Wanted: New Aflac Duck Voice
Are you in search of a new job? According to a recent article, you may have found a job description on that read: "Translates complex messages into a single word that tells people, 'Aflac is the insurance company that they can count on in their time of need.'" That's right, Aflac has launched a nationwide search for a new voice for the duck on Aflac's commercials. They're even calling it "America's best job" (no joke).

2011 TechStars Startup Madness - Congratulations & Recap of the Tournament
First, I'd like to congratulate Cheek'd, the winner of the inaugural TechStars Startup Madness tournament! The team at Cheek'd fought off 63 startup competitors over the course of 6 grueling rounds to emerge as our first champion. Cheek'd will receive over $25,000 in prizes to help build their business from Rackspace, TechCocktail, Seattle 2.0, SendGrid, Gluecon, Perky Jerky, MogoTest, AgileZen, StatsMixPro, Foodzie, and SnapEngage.

Welcome to Scrapper!
Breaking News: Scrapper Gobbles Up $41.000001 Million Investment
Today we bring you exclusive news that Scrapper has taken a whopping $41,000,001 in funding. Pre-launch. We have an exclusive interview below with Scrapper's founder and CEO explaining Scrapper and the investment.

Federal Judge to RIAA: "You Want How Much?"
An argument can be made that companies like LimeWire are directly cutting into the profits of major record companies thanks to their free file sharing. The amount of damage that is being done is certainly up for debate, and that particular debate just took a ridiculous turn with the amount of money the record companies are now asking a federal judge to award them.

Disney Fetus products coming soon!
Disney Expanding to Younger Audiences
To the delight - or horror - of parents of newborns, Disney has already launched plans to expand their market. This new target is arguably the last straw, so to speak, in the range of ages that it already caters to, as they can't exactly aim at those that are older (that would be weird). As the New York Times reports in a recent article, this move can be a bit tricky.

Cap'n Crunch Fights Back
Cap'n Crunch is Lost at Sea
After 48 years at sea, and as the mascot for one of the most popular cereal franchises, Cap'n Horatio Magellan Crunch woke up to red skies the other morning as news of attacks from "health pirates" rang out across the nation. Apparently, the Cap'n has been riding from port to port on a sugar wave that many feel is no longer acceptable for children. According to an article from Life Inc., the cereal is no longer being actively marketed by Quaker and its parent company PepsiCo due to its high sugar content.

Tiny man, crappy jokes
More Ridiculous: Gilbert Gottfried's Japan Jokes or Aflac's Innocence?
Holy schmo, did you hear what Gilbert Gottfried said that got him fired? You know, the guy with the voice that does the commercials. "Aflac. Aflac!" Well, apparently ol' Mr. Gottfried has forgotten the first rule of comedy: Timing is...everything. Most importantly under this almighty timing category is the fact that consideration must be taken after a natural disaster (oh, say the earthquake and ensuing tsunami in Japan that occurred on Friday, March 11) occurs. Estimated time ...

Pretty low, NCAA
Dear NCAA: Please Stop Helping AOL & Turner Scam Students
It seems that greed at the NCAA knows absolutely no boundaries. In April, the NCAA signed an $11 Billion agreement to televise the NCAA men's basketball tournament on CBS and Turner Sports. You would think that would be enough cash to support an organization whose stars are all unpaid amateurs. You'd also think that would be enough cash to not put scammy ads on the home page of right before the tournament begins. If so, you'd be completely wrong.

The United Kingdom... Now sponsored by FOX News.
Are News Corp and Rupert Murdoch Moving into the UK?
Billionaire media mogul Rupert Murdoch is poising to acquire 61% of Sky Broadcasting Group, the United Kingdom's largest privately-owned news corporation. Murdoch and News Corp received the green light from the UK government to go ahead with the deal, but negotiations are still in process.

Introducing Startup Madness, Hosted by This or That
TechStars announced their first Startup Madness tournament this week. We're proud to announce today that we will be hosting tournament voting once it kicks off on March 14th. For those who missed the TechStars announcement, here's how we will find participants...

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