Should we keep ToT around? | I love this ToT, please keep it alive! vs. Meh. Try something else.
Should we keep ToT around? I love this ToT, please keep it alive! or Meh. Try something else.
Well, Totters, we think the time has come to shut down this version of ToT. We have a pretty good idea of what we want to try next with the site, but this version of ToT doesn't get a lot of usage. Please cast your vote and comment below.
Which Team Will Be the 2012 NBA Champions?
A lockout. A lot of injuries. A wet willy. What more do you need to prove that this year in pro hoops was one of the weirdest and saddest in NBA history? Oh, right, a new futility record for a team owned by Michael Jordan. That was pretty weird/sad. The 2012 postseason starts today, just 125 days after the regular season began last Christmas. Here is a look at the eight series, each with their own impending weirdness/sadness. EASTERN CONFERENCE Chicago Bulls vs. Philadelphia 76ers MY ...

Ladies, Don't You Just Love the Smell of a Man's Colon?
I think two things have happened alongside the rise of the Internet era and the growing popularity of social media: Spelling has gotten much, much worse People's atrocious spelling has gotten hilariously more visible/public We've seen some giggle-inducing misspellings on This or That (case in point: my favorite ToT ever made), and Twitter has also captured the digital generation's profound lack of spelling and grammar. This gem is a glorious example: I'll let the ...

Contraceptive Battle: This Slut Votes vs. Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh set off quite a media storm when he called Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown student, a "slut" for being on birth control. Jenna Soard has responded in kind. This Slut Votes seeks to protect reproductive health care rights and privacy She feels that if a media voice such as Rush wants to call women sluts and push a no-choice agenda as though the sexual revolution never happened, then so be it. She will not (pardon the pun) take it laying down. She stands up to proudly ...

You Knew the Sinking of the Titanic Actually Happened, Right?
This coming April 15th isn't just a date to sweat about your tax returns, it marks 100 years since the RMS Titanic sank in the North Atlantic Ocean during her maiden voyage from Southampton, England, to New York City. The ship had a reputation for being unsinkable but was ultimately taken down by an iceberg, resulting in 1,514 lives lost. The story of the Titanic has been depicted in film and television dozens of time, the most famous being James Cameron's 1997 blockbuster film of the ...

Would You Use an App That Pays People Stuck in Traffic?
CommutePays is a free mobile app that tracks traffic data along specified routes. It works with route information that gets entered after downloading the app, and the smartphone (it is available to Android and iPhone, with a BlackBerry app on the way) is then able to identify potential delays before the user takes to the road. While driving, the user accrues CommuterCash that opens up deals, offers, and promotions that exist on their route. In other words, a user gets the app, then does ...

The NBA 2012 All-Headcase Team
The NBA 2012 All-Star Weekend is fast approaching, with the usual festivities planned for this wekend in Orlando. There will be 12 guys playing for each conference, each of whom were either voted by fans as the best or appointed by coaches of the 30 NBA teams. The stars are fun to watch, but more exciting is the reality that there are some legitimately insane players in the NBA. The league's rich history of nutjobs -- including all-time bonkers ballers Rasheed Wallace, Stephon Marbury, ...

Has Demi Moore Gone Off the Deep End?
Remember the Brat Pack? Aww, good times. And as the good times went on and the 80's progressed and money was collected for sub-par films (seriously, St. Elmo's Fire...snore), some of the Brat Pack had a little too much fun. Hey, if you were good looking and were pulling down that much money? And you were young? And it was the 80's? You'd probably make a naughty video as well. *cough* Rob Lowe *cough* Hey, if one of the guys had to make one...good thing it was him. But...

Are TV Chefs Responsible For Our Health?
Butter. Bacon. Cream. What do these three things have in common? They're what makes life worth living, that's what. And who better to share the glories of these gifts than our good friend Paula Deen. Right? Hey y'all! I love butter! And money! Right? Wait, what's that? She has Type 2 Diabetes and shouldn't be cooking that kind of food anymore? And she's a greedy monster for making a deal with drug companies, all the while shilling her fat and ...

Which NICK Show Do You Miss More: All That or Clarissa Explains It All?
So I'm channel surfing and boom, All That hits my screen and I am amazed at how powerfully watching a skit featuring Repair Man-Man-Man-Man hearkened me back to my childhood, a golden era of Nickelodeon TV that featured this youth-oriented skit show. Musical guests such as Coolio, Aaliyah, and Blackstreet ruled the mid-1990s, and the show launched careers for Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell, and Amanda Bynes, among others. All That had that awesome theme music from much do you ...

Titanic 3D: Worth the Update or Waste of Time?
Titanic is the ultimate cinematic vehicle for its actors, director, producers, screenwriters...hell, it's likely that even the staff accountants and caterers won some awards and have enjoyed an ensuing 15 years of career successes and royalties. 3D is the ultimate cinematic vehicle for polarizing audiences. Though popular with audiences and a growing number of directors, there is a Facebook page dedicated to denigrating the medium, and Christopher Nolan, the man behind the Batman Dark ...

Young Mom Kills Intruder: Is Murder Ever Justified?
Social media and news outlets were abuzz recently with the story of an 18-year old mom in Oklahoma who, when armed men were breaking into her house to steal her deceased husband's medication, took the advice of a 911 operator who told her to "do what she had to do" in order to protect herself and her baby. So...she did. What she did was shoot one man in the torso with a shotgun once he stepped foot into the house. He was pronounced dead at the scene. This girl is being lauded ...

Is the Cat Man Crazy or a Visionary?
The Cat Man, who has received worldwide play in the media for the past few years, is a human being whose obsession with the feline lifestyle has resulted in his several surgeries to look like a cat. This includes facial piercing to support whiskers, ear pointing, the oral insertion of fangs, claw construction, and more in his effort to look as much like a cat as is humanly possible. He also includes raw meat in his diet and climbs trees, tiger style. With all the advancements in plastic ...

Can Porn Be Artistic, or is There No Such Thing?
Name one reason for the internet. Two people might say academic research and another shopping, but seven in ten are going to say porn. Sites such as YouPorn and RedTube allow anyone with a handheld cam to share their sexual endeavors with the world. Most amateur clips give traction to the argument that porn is a cinematic enterprise with zero artistic value, that porn serves only to get viewers off, and no beauty can be seen in videos of blowjobs, female ejaculation, foot fetishism, or any ...

Is Web Design Getting Lazy?
Remember how web design was circa 2001? Me neither. A decade is a lifetime, at least when it comes to technology, and the days of Drupal, Joomla, MODx, and similarly complicated web designing applications are well over. WordPress, Blogger, and assorted other What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editors have replaced the need to learn code--even basic HTML--for an individual or business seeking to create and maintain a site. Adobe Muse is a web editor that actually markets itself on the ...

What You Should and Shouldn't Watch This Christmas
The holiday season is tough. You've got all that shopping to do, the family members to visit, the lame company Christmas parties you are obligated to attend. After all that work, all you want to do is sit back and watch a heartwarming Christmas special. There are so many of them, though. Which ones should you watch? Here are the best movies and TV specials of the holidays along with the stinkers that you should avoid. 1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (1966 TV special) Who hasn't felt...

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