new hair comments please


posted by No one


Yes I know I do not look good on this I look about 13 :D it was a shoot I had this afternoon for a hairdressers hope all you gorgeaus people like and comment <3

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That's u .... U look so differant :D .... I will call u the women of many looks Haha :P

Posted By Robbo King,

I know I actually look so bad I dyed it for this shoot but I might dye it back. God I really do I hate this photo I look about 13 D:<3

Posted By No one ,

U don't look bad at all and y don't look 13. U always look nice :)

Posted By Robbo King,

Thanks and yeah I do :D<3 put some pics up of you wanna see what you look like now but not in a stalker way ;)

Posted By No one ,

i would but at the moment i got a black eye and a huge gash thing on my face -_- result of chavs and boxing

Posted By Robbo King,

Ahh, Poor robbo :(<3

Posted By No one ,

haha its alright I'm used to it

Posted By Robbo King,

im not trying to be ofensive but thts not you, ive looked at your pics and all of them are completley different and in some your a boy? wtf?

Posted By supremelikethat,

umm okayy so first you were english now you asian?

Posted By pinkypink13,

that can't be you.i looked at your pictures from your tots and they are a completely different person

Posted By Liaaa,

not you

Posted By supremelikethat,

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