Men who beep their horns at walking women: Flattery or just plain annoying?


posted by HannahTheBanana


If you're a man and you're trying to answer this Tot put yourself in the womans shoes and answer truthfully please. Honestly i find it annoying and it makes the guy look like a coward. I'd be flattered and id respect him if he actually came up to me and talked to me the right way, not just honked his horn and left. What do they think they're getting out of it in the first place, you don't hear girls saying "Well usually i'm quite a reserved person but as soon as he honked his horn at me, idunno i felt weak in the knees! It was so romantic!" It just doesn't happen, and most of the time it brings her halfway to a heart attack. But hey this is only my opinion, id be glad to hear yours.

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If I was a woman I'd go nuts if that kept happening to me, definitely annoying!

Posted By MikeEdwards,

depends what type of guy i guess

Posted By MusicalQueen,

Karooku, good thing you're not a woman than. :P
Shambala, if he's willing to beep his horn at you like some idiot rather than just approach you he doesn't seem like much of a good guy. But idk you might be into that kind of thing so who am i to judge. Thanks for answering guys. x

Posted By HannahTheBanana,

if he's old and nasty then its gross and annoying but if he is young and attractive i woulndnt mind

Posted By wecameaskelly,

when i go down town with my best friend only the boys that know us beep nd they're all cute

Posted By TopBabe,

it's annoying because half the time it's old men beeping and that's real creepy

Posted By MissTrouble,

It's weird.

Posted By HumanNumber69,

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