Louis Vuitton's lawsuit against 'The Hangover 2': serious or frivolous?


posted by Rebecca


Designer brand Louis Vuitton has filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros. for a scene in 'The Hangover 2' in which Zach Galifianakis' character tells Ed Helms' character to be careful with his "real Louis Vuitton" bag.

The lawsuit objects to the film's use of the brand's trademark and also points out that the bag used in the movie is actually a knockoff. Warner Bros. allegedly ignored Louis Vuitton's objections after the film was released in theaters and opted to release the film on DVD without altering the scene in question. Now the brand wants the DVD pulled from stores and the airport scene to be revised.

Do you think this lawsuit is frivolous or does it have merit? I doubt the comedy hurt Louis Vuitton's sales, but you can argue that the company is simply trying to protect its brand.

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i dunno

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