Which hair? :) | Purple vs. Pink
Which hair? :)
Pinky or purple? <3

just wondering which looks better?
I asked my friends and family and they couldn't choose so which one do you think and why? Thankyou <3

I'd rather be..
If i went with the first i'd eventually loose my mind. If i went with the second i'd feel small all the time. It's a loose loose, ether way you're lonely. D:

Who do you think is a better singer on victorious?
Who do you think deserves the spotlight on victorious? Ariana or Victoria? I think that Ariana because she's the best singer ever and Victoria cant sing to save her life but what do you think?

Who's Cuter?
For all you twilight fans out there, who do you think is cuter? I personally think Taylor because he's a god and i think rob is ugly but what do guys think? Please comment and follow!

comments please | the last photo im putting up of me  vs. comment please you gorgeaus people
comments please
My favorite photo of me. Yes I had nothing on, on the top half but I'm 18 so.. yeah...<3

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