Is Paula Deen a big fat diabetic hypocrite?


posted by Rebecca


Southern cooking personality Paula Deen has been both praised and criticized for her high fat, high-calorie, butter-drenched cooking style. Now it looks as if preparing comfort food 24/7 has caught up to Deen, as she's reported to announce that she can't enjoy her own recipes anymore because she has developed diabetes. She's expected to have received a multimillion dollar deal from a pharmaceutical company in exchange for endorsing their diabetes medication.

Deen herself is in a bit of a catch-22--she can't exactly keep promoting her rich and fatty recipes if she herself has gotten diabetes as a result of living an unhealthy lifestyle, yet high-cal is exactly why she's so popular and famous, so I don't know how successful she'll be if she pulls a 180 and starts pushing healthy recipes onto the masses.

Is Paula Deen a hypocrite for promoting fatty, unhealthy foods while at the same time receiving a huge endorsement deal for a medication designed to treat her diabetes, or is she just serving up what America wants: full-flavored, deep fried comfort food?

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Seriously people--I am surprised she has not had Diabetes 2 for a decade.... My mother foung she had Type 2 Diabetes at age 64 and lost 27 lbs and managed the disease with diet and exercise alone.... I know I have to watch every thing I eat and keep my weigh down too. Paula has always needed a healthy diet and has needed to lose 30 lbs for YEARS. She is headed for a heart attack or a STROKE and some needs to tell her and we should TURN the channel!!!

Posted By emmefierra,

That doesn't make her a hypocrite, that makes her one helluva smart business woman.

Posted By Writtenin1981,

She became a "helluva smart businesswoman" at a moral expense. She built her career promoting unhealthy foods and is now going to turn around and profit further from the disease that resulted from years of eating like shit. It's like how Anthony Bourdain put it: breaking legs and then getting into the crutches business. What a disgusting woman.

Posted By Rebecca,

So she went around forcing people to eat her food did she? That ranks right up there with people bitching about McDonalds making them fat. There's not a person out there that can say she did anything to them, and you cannot be immoral towards yourself. Yeah, she lived an unhealthy lifestyle and opened the door to develop a disease, but she certainly didn't hurt anybody else in the process since they would have made the decision to eat food from her recipes or not.

As far as profiting from her disease now, so what? She has diabetes and a company that makes products for diabetics sees her as a spokesperson for them.

Everything that she has going on was done to herself by herself. If she is able to make a negative into some sort of positive, then I say good for her. That's her business and nobody should condemn her for it. It doesn't matter if she promoted unhealthy foods, it was up to the people watching her shows and reading her books to take responsibility for what they were putting into their bodies or how they were treating their bodies.

Posted By Writtenin1981,

I understand that nobody's forcing people to eat her recipes, least of all her. But she gleefully promotes butter like it's some kind of miracle ingredient and puts out a kids cookbook that includes recipes for breakfast cheesecakes and chocolate cake for lunch--that's a bit overboard. (And yes, I know that she's not forcing these children's parents to buy the cookbook.)

Like I said, she's not doing anything illegal by any means, but I think it says a lot about her moral character to profit for years on a business model that makes people fat and by laughing and carrying on as if we should treat every meal like it's a splurge day, then turn around and profit further from the negative health results from this type of lifestyle. You say "so what?", I say "fucked up." Paula Deen is greedy and disgusting. That's my opinion.

Posted By Rebecca,

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