Is Kelsey Grammer a dirty old man or a true romantic?


posted by Cobanerd


Actor Kelsey Grammer made his fourth marriage official today. He met his latest wife, 29 year old flight attendant Kayte Walsh, while still married to his third wife, Camille. What do you think - is Grammer just another dirty old man or a true romantic still looking for his soul mate?

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Posted By Karla,

I believe Kelsey is a true romantic in a certain way, but unfortunately not in a good way. He seems to keep repeating the same pattern of falling head over heels, quickly marrying, having children, and then tiring of the relationship. Instead of working to keep a relationship fresh and continuing on with it, he quits and goes on to a replacement. He seems to choose women who are not his equal and cannot possibly challenge him (barfly, Playboy girl, flight attendant, exotic dancer). These women are of course fascinated and thrilled that they have landed such a catch as "the" Kelsey Grammer. I know he had such a traumatic life with the loss of sibilings and a father by tragic means. Perhaps, if not already, therapy to determine if any of these result in his adult behavior might benefit him. I know I sure would not want to be one of the many children he has spawned. I'm sure most of them will be financially set and hopefully loved by the Mom's and as much as they can by their father, but I wouldn't trade having a stable and reliable family setting for any amount of money in the world. If I were Kayte Walsh, I wouldn't get too settled.

Posted By pM2,

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