Is Jb old or new hair hotter???

posted by isabellleee


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hes gay
no matter what hair

Posted By mario17,


Posted By Murderous Temptation,

HE IS NOT GAY!!!!!!! He's dating Selena Gomez! & for the ToT I like his new hair better he looks older & way hotter!

Posted By AbbyMaster,

no u mean he looks his own age now nd secondly if he is not gay then why does he have his own nail polish brand and i think he has his own jewlery brand aswell !!
now tell me would any straight guy even own nail polish???

Posted By XXmeXX,

Since when has he had a nail polish brand & a jewelry brand?? He has a perfume brand 'Someday' coming out for his women fans but that's all..I guess you don't know your Justin Bieber..

Posted By AbbyMaster,

i dont no him but his nail polish on the bottle has the name nicole on it and in argos he has a jewlery brand no i dont no him at all mainly cuz im not one uv these people dat get obsessed by people dat wudnt mae a difrence to u if they were nown or not

Posted By XXmeXX,

i more like his old hair more cutter

Posted By irish martinez,

on that ugly girl neither it would look better in hell!

Posted By TylerSumsion18,

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