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Some people say global warming is just a joke, are you with them?

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I would say "possible manipulation of the data to generate donations for green groups" is probably more accurate, but "joke" works, too. ;-)

Posted By Jon,

Yeah, while I think it's real, it's EXTREMELY exaggrated

Posted By antoarts,

And what if you're both wrong?

Posted By matt,

We're screwed....? ;-)

Posted By antoarts,

Well Matt, are you playing Devil's Advocate, or are you serious about thinking that Global Warming is real? I have seen data that proves that the numbers were manipulated and proves that the THEORY of Global Warming is a farce!

Posted By Mr.Truther,

Global Warming is Real look to the west, Nevada can become the new coastal state on the west coast. There's snow in the south, severe flooding and mudslides in the west along with snow that crippling Europe. The evidence is there global warming is real and we need to take action to reverse it before its too late. Scientist can manipulate their findings to prove their point, true but all we need to do is look at the severe change in weather patterns to see the proof. Last time I checked scientist hasn't mastered weather manipulation.

Posted By Eagle,

It's real...the ice caps are definitely melting and the oceans are rising, but I think what we are experiencing is a part of the Earth's natural cycle. Climates have shifted for as far back as scientists can track. Ice ages and species have come and gone--and will continue to do so. Personally, I think the planet could shake us off like a bad case of fleas if it really wanted to. I'm with ya' on the exaggerated thing.

Posted By Johnny4,

Johnny4 is right it is a cycle it's just when we put gases into the air we mess up the cycle and it gets more extreme i learned this at Stony Brook University. the little ice age, the ice age, they both took place after i period of extreme heating. the little ice age for those who don't know took place in the late 18th century to the mid 19th century mostly affecting Europe and parts of North america along with the southern areas of the world and if you know your history it was the beginning of industrialization.

Posted By XxHisLostFriendxX,

This can all be explained with simple science. It's over exaggerated and a joke. Theres not going to be another ice age for a long time. You believe in this your an idiot.

Posted By Mohora117,

I believe the word you wanted to use was "you're"...who's the idiot?

Posted By Johnny4,

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