If you could do one of these things with no chance of you getting injured what would you do?


posted by HannahTheBanana


I'm in a dream world at the moment. :P

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watching the northern lights would be relaxing, but I want to fall for an hour! I want the adrenaline! :P Also I'd make bets with people, they'll bet I die, then I'll live and take their money. :D

Posted By MikeEdwards,

So evil! but who am i kidding, id do that to. :P

Posted By HannahTheBanana,

I got the idea from an episode of family guy where death won't happen and Peter bets his friends he can jump off a building and live :D

Posted By MikeEdwards,

Freefalling.. but not actually dying or anything

Posted By SuperSenben,

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