I Am Cute ???


posted by salamesho@hotmail.ca


i am been get people asking me out so i tell people im ugly they say no so you guys think im cute or ugly ????? plz vote and comment vvv below thankz :)

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not cute

Posted By cool.cammi,

Might be if you got rid of the huge glasses.

Posted By shortystephi,

You could be if you got rid of the glasses and had a picture that shows your whole face. But since you did not do that you are not cute sorry.

Posted By Dud13y,

thats a total girl pose! Guys with the glasse not cute :/

Posted By Heidididi,

yea k ill make another one i tryed to put one that showed my face but if wasn't work but thanks for people who said yes i really happy you did

Posted By salamesho@hotmail.ca,

@heidididi thats kinda meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen

Posted By CatHearts,

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