How do you pronounce Uranus?


posted by AnubisibunA


We all grew up pronouncing Uranus one way, only to have science nerds go all proper on us and start pronouncing it the non-anus way... so which way is the best way?

Merri am-Webster pronunciation (audio) = just for fun

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I'll take Merriam-Webster over the proper science geeks any day.

Posted By Jon,

I thought is was pronounced - "Your Anus"

Posted By seanmag,

Totally Yer Anus.

Posted By zanvia,

it was pronounce as --------------

Posted By arun,

I am a science geek for the most part and Yer-uh-nus.just sounds it was the only way you could get teachers to say anus...till they caught on!

Posted By Mr.Truther,

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