how do you prefer to be?


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posted by camilarosero


happy sad -laugh -mourn -love -hate ---------------------------------------- -------------------- -be happy is better than being sad. -the happynnes is free . -mourn not improve the problems.

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be happy helps to your heart !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted By samantacortes,

the people how are happy have lifes healthier

Posted By cagc5427,

I prefer happy because glad my life

Posted By Paolita2315,

There's nothing like being happy and smiling at each instant .. :)

Posted By gamboa,

I prefer stay happy because is better to see life in a positive way

Posted By cexitar,

I prefer happy because the life is for live and enjoy every!

Posted By Priparlilia,

Be happy is more beatifull than Sad..

Posted By davidjdmv,

be happy !!! its the line of the life !!!

Posted By Yilver Gonzalez,

I prefer happy because all is better

Posted By nas,

i prefer happy because so things better..

Posted By xiiomiicuervo,

I prefer happy because Things are better, be happy

Posted By kmilopz,

Why are you even asking this?

Posted By feelinFIERCE,

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