how do u want the world to end


posted by jemmy111


yes sarcy but just tell how would u like it to end

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sarcy? whats sarcy?

Posted By CoolDude114,

earthquakes, because I'm afraid of drowning.

Posted By VeraLMuse,

drowning would hurt more than having a build ing fall on you

Posted By amkdude,

I agree with everyones comment above mine :P (including the first one)
Also, I dont believe that the world will end via floods anyways because Im a Christian (and if your not and you dont understand how being a christian would lead me to believe that, its because the bible states that God wont ever flood the entire world again (remember Noahs ark?))
Anyways, I respect other peoples opinions too, if you believe the world will end with flooding.

Posted By polerberr,


Posted By Rabbit,

a flood would be peacefull for me my favorite song is the flood from escape the fate just open ur mouth and dont breath it seems scary but realy its not

Posted By kitten,

just ti make things clear, I don't want the world to end, but If it would end in a natural disaster like one of these then I would pick the earthquake.. unless I could hit mt. everest then i wouldn't mind the flood much lol

Posted By Daviddbqwerty,

the peak...

Posted By Daviddbqwerty,

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